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Research Highlights


WHOI researchers head back to sea after “pause” in research expeditions

The Deepwater Horizon well released an estimated 168 million gallons of oil and 45 million gallons of natural gas into the ocean, making it the largest accidental marine oil spill in history. (Photo by Cabell Davis, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

What did scientists learn from Deepwater Horizon?

R/V Neil Armstrong in Prince Christian Sound

$8.3M award to WHOI extends observational record of critical climate research

Fossil Porites coral (above) from the southern Mentawai Islands (Indonesia) in the eastern Indian Ocean were used to reconstruct Indian Ocean Dipole variability over previous centuries. (Photo by Nerilie Abram, Australian National University)

Indian Ocean phenomenon spells climate trouble for Australia

Margot Saher (left) of Bangor University and Roland Gehrels of University of York work together to obtain a sediment core from Barn Island salt marsh in Stonington, Conn. (Image Courtesy of Roland Gehrels, University of York)

Study reveals rapid sea-level rise along U.S. Atlantic coast in 18th century

Walking on polar ice

Oceans of Change

Walking on polar ice

Oceans of Change

WHOI physical oceanographer Young-Oh Kwon relies on a combination of ocean data and climate models to understand the circulatory strength of the Atlantic Ocean’s conveyor belt.  (Photo by Daniel Hentz, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

The future of the ocean’s conveyor belt


Report reveals ‘unseen’ human benefits from ocean twilight zone

Warm ocean temperatures caused large-scale ecological disruption that affected different species, including lobster. (© AP Photo / Robert F. Bukaty as seen in Oceanus magazine Vol. 54, No. 2)

The Ocean’s Moveable Feast

Australia satellite image of bushfire

Investigating the ocean’s influence on Australia’s drought


Global heating supercharging Indian Ocean climate system

Climate Central sea level rise graphic

WHOI scientists weigh in on sea level rise impact study

Summer Resident

Chris Linder wins Photography Award for story on Adélie penguins

sea washing onto road

WHOI on NPR: Why sea level rise varies across the world

Blue shark

A tunnel to the Twilight Zone

Blue shark

A tunnel to the Twilight Zone


A new way of “seeing” offshore wind power cables