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Can environmental DNA help us find lost US service members?

Ocean scientists explore how eDNA may be able to help find and identify lost military personnel in the ocean

Ocean Life

On the crumbling edge

The race to ensure protection for the emperor penguin across the world

Sustainable Ocean

Five ways to make every day Earth Day

What better way to help our ocean planet than reducing our impacts on land? Members…

Ocean Life

Tracking dispersal of baby fish for better reef conservation

To improve marine protected areas, WHOI scientists study the traffic patterns of juvenile reef fish

Ocean Life

The hypoxic reef

Scientists say a lack of oxygen might be stressing tropical reefs even more than warming…

A man with glasses and blonde hair holds a rectangular black box. His reflection can be seen opposite his face. Climate & Weather

OCIA: Accelerating the pace of ocean-climate research

The first five projects funded by the Ocean Climate Innovation Accelerator (OCIA) are set to…

rose garden Ocean Life

A bed of roses in the ocean

Flower-shaped corals blossoming off the island of Tahiti offer hope for reefs

Ocean & Human Lives

5 WHOI women making waves in ocean science and engineering

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting a few scientists who have made a…


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How the Ocean Works

WHOI scientists discuss the chemistry behind Sri Lanka’s flaming plastic spill

Eight months after the M/V X-Press Pearl disaster in Sri Lanka, WHOI investigators talk about their research…

outer banks
How the Ocean Works

With worsening storms, can the Outer Banks protect its shoreline?

The double-whammy of more intense storms and a COVID-era real estate boom has scientists and planners focused…

Mario Fernandez standing in front of Jason in Blake Lab. Ocean Tech

Meet the Jason Team: Mario Fernandez

A mechanical engineer, pilot, and expedition leader on vehicle design and adventures at sea

Amanda Sutherland working on the Sentry Van, which is a shipping container Ocean Tech

Meet the Sentry Team: Amanda Sutherland

A Mechanical engineer on independent workflow and collaboration

Elizabeth Colbert Climate & Weather

Elizabeth Kolbert on ocean-based carbon removal

Pulitzer prize–winning author reflects on methods that could enable the ocean to store more carbon,…

Climate & Weather

National Academy scientists say the ocean must play a role in CO2 removal to stave off climate change

A committee from the National Academy of Science reviews ocean-based methods to remove carbon dioxide…

Lead Image Ocean Life

Sniffing out methane in the deep sea

Scientists cruise the Gulf of California’s Guaymas Basin to test out new tech for detecting…

Sophie Hines Ocean Life

Coral time machines

Sophie Hines discusses the paleo-research power of fossil corals

How the Ocean Works

Dune buggies and diving:

PhD student Ciara Dooley talks about coastal research with the DUNEX Program

How the Ocean Works

Ocean data gives Northeast fishermen an edge against a warming ocean

Fishermen successfully brace against warm water wave from Gulf Stream, thanking greater access to data…

Sailors gathering around below deck Ocean & Human Lives

Five idioms for ocean lovers

Do these ocean idioms come from seafaring history or not? The world is mine oyster,…

Climate & Weather

How to speak “Ocean”

Major communications initiative aims to bridge gaps in ocean literacy…

Climate & Weather

An enduring legacy of impact in ocean and climate research

The new Francis E. Fowler IV Center for Ocean and…


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anthony and megan
Climate & Weather

From the sound: A future powered by the sea

These two WHOI scientists discuss the promise of offshore wind and wave as renewable energy, and why…

an ocean of opportunity
Ocean Life

An ocean of opportunity

Ocean experts explore the potential risks and rewards of ocean-based solutions to climate change

Ocean Tech

A curious robot is poised to rapidly expand reef research

WHOI scientists with the Coral Catalyst Team are leveraging a new, artificially intelligent robot to…

How the Ocean Works

Adapt or retreat:

No solution is off the table to prepare for sea level rise in Woods Hole

Climate & Weather

A coral reef kickstart

WHOI’s Reef Solutions Initiative takes a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate solutions for ailing coral reefs

alvin on truck Ocean Tech

The story of “Little Alvin” and the lost H-bomb

How the famed submersible found a lost hydrogen bomb in the Mediterranean Sea during the…

Ocean Tech

Amy Phung: Automating Exploration

For MIT-WHOI Joint Program student Amy Phung, virtual reality and robotics are a natural pairing…

Ocean Life

Five times the ocean helped us learn about the human body

For people studying the human body, big ideas can sometimes come in small, briny packages

Ocean Life

Burrows on the beach

Rebuilding after a hurricane isn’t easy—especially for those pale, stalk-eyed creatures known as ghost crabs

Alvin Certification Coordinator Lisa Smith standing in front of an updated HOV Alvin which is tucked on board the newly refurbished R/V Atlantis (Photo Ken Kostel ©WHOI).
Ocean Tech

Meet the Alvin 6500 Team: Lisa Smith

Alvin Certification Coordinator Lisa Smith on working with Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to get HOV Alvin cleared for diving.