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Emma Bullock

The climate won’t wait

MIT-WHOI Joint Program student Emma Bullock talks Arctic research in an age of climate change and international disputes

Sarah Johnson Climate & Weather

Critical support for ocean innovation

Donation from Trustee Sarah Johnson supports innovative projects

Wind Water and Ice

Like fiction, but real. Explore the “superpowers” of three Antarctic icons

circulation How the Ocean Works

Will the Gulf Stream really shut down?

WHOI physical oceanographer Robert Todd weighs in

Joides Resolution

Unlocking the Earth’s time capsule

Mantle rocks and fluids from one of the final expeditions on the R/V JOIDES Resolution will provide insights into how Earth was formed—and maybe how life began—for generations of scientists

Ocean Life

Nowhere to go

As sea ice dwindles, Antarctic krill face an uncertain future

working Ocean Life

Filming in the Arctic Night

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Emmy-nominated PBS film, Life in The Dark: The Polar Night

Morss Colloquium speakers Climate & Weather

Experts gather to discuss the ocean’s super-powered carbon pump

Morss Colloquium focuses on the ocean’s role in moving carbon out of the atmosphere and into the depths

Oceanus magazine

and get Oceanus delivered to your door twice a year as well as supporting WHOI's mission to further ocean science.

Our Ocean. Our Planet. Our Future.

Ocean Tech

A new way to track marine snow ‘blizzards’

New submersible provides insights into how organic carbon moves through the ocean twilight zone

Jason Underwater
Ocean Tech

3 memorable Jason Dives

Volcanoes, vents, and creatures of the deep through the lens of ROV Jason

Eel Photo Ocean Life

Making sense of a mystery fish

Scientists tackle long-standing questions about the elusive American eel

emperor penguins and ECHO Ocean Tech

Up close and personal

Ocean robots work alongside marine animals to study their behavior

How the Ocean Works

It’s always freezing in the Arctic. Or is it?

WHOI experts dig into a popular misconception that the Arctic is always frigid.

Sustainable Ocean

As illegal fishing rages on, is there any hope on the horizon?

WHOI economist Yaqin Liu weighs in on the scourge of illegal fishing and what can be done to catch offenders

Climate & Weather

What’s happening with AMOC?

Scientists discuss the state of the Atlantic Ocean’s ‘conveyor belt’

Heatwave Photo Climate & Weather

Record-level heat is predicted for the months, and years, ahead. Why is this happening?

Ongoing climate change and a naturally-occurring El Niño event overlap to bring the heat

tonga gil composite How the Ocean Works

How did the ocean remain so quiet during Tonga’s eruption?

Underwater acoustics expert Gil Averbuch teases apart a mystery

Ocean & Human Lives

Dancing with Data

Diving into the ocean-themed movements of the Boston Ballet’s “La Mer”

Ocean Life

Four wins worth recognizing this World Ocean Month

Amid a sea of environmental issues, these four victories spark hope for the ocean’s future

Autonomous robot CUREE Ocean Tech

Robots to the Rescue

How the next generation of ocean robots will help solve the planet’s most pressing problems

group chat Ocean Tech

Group Chat

Underwater robots communicate in text-like fashion off the coast of Oahu


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Ocean Tech

Technology Hatchery

The latest robotics projects happening inside the George and Wendy David Center for Ocean Innovation

iologists Heidi Sosik (left) and Joel Llopiz (right) examine shadowgraph images of plankton
Ocean Tech

AI in the Ocean Twilight Zone

Deep Learning techniques are revealing new secrets about the mesopelagic

Amy Phung Ocean Tech

Automating Exploration

For MIT-WHOI Joint Program student Amy Phung, virtual reality and robotics are a natural pairing for ocean exploration

ABE Ocean Tech

A throwback to ABE

The OG autonomous seafloor robot

right whale in NY Harbor Ocean Life

Keeping an ear out for whales

Scientists look to safeguard the mammals with robotic buoys in the New York Bight

Ocean & Human Lives

Are warming Alaskan Arctic waters a new toxic algal hotspot?

WHOI researchers warn Arctic communities following detection of a harmful bloom

hard wired to love Ocean Tech

Hardwired to love

Ocean engineers discuss our emotional connection with robots

Brian Halligan Climate & Weather

Propelling a new wave of ocean-climate solutions

WHOI researchers get a boost from climate-tech fund Propeller

Climate & Weather

Solving climate challenges, one innovation at a time

WHOI researchers report progress on projects funded by the Ocean Climate Innovation Accelerator

Paddling Illustration
Climate & Weather

Paddling an angry, ancient ocean

If ancient Beringians got to the Americas by boat, it couldn’t have been easy