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Scientists by Research Area

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Scientific Staff

John M Toole

Research Keywords: Polar Ocean Processes, Air-ice-ocean Interaction, Mechanisms and Intensity of Ocean Mixing and Its Influences on Circulation

Carol Anne Clayson

Research Keywords: Air-sea Interaction, Global Water and Energy Cycles, Remote Sensing

Albert J Plueddemann

Research Keywords: Air-sea Interaction, Upper Ocean and Mixed Layer Processes, Instruments and Techniques

Hyodae Seo

Research Keywords: Air-sea Interaction, Weather, Climate

Alex Gonzalez

Research Keywords: Tropical Meteorology, Climate Dynamics, Air-sea Interaction

Robert Todd

Research Keywords: Boundary Currents, Underwater Gliders, Sustained Observing

Michael A Spall

Research Keywords: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Meso- to Basin-scale Ocean Circulation, Ocean Modeling, Marginal Seas

Amala Mahadevan

Research Keywords: Physical-biological Interactions, Submesoscale Processes, Upper Ocean Physics

Sylvia Cole

Research Keywords: Polar Oceanography, Ocean Circulation, Air-sea Interactions

Anthony Kirincich

Research Keywords: Coastal Oceanography, Remote Sensing, Observing Systems

Lisan Yu

Research Keywords: Air-sea Fluxes and Interaction, Ocean Salinity and the Water Cycle, Satellite Remote Sensing

Isabela A Le Bras

Research Keywords: High-latitudes, Large-scale Circulation, Ocean Observations

Caroline Ummenhofer

Research Keywords: Indian Ocean, Paleoclimate, Water Cycle

Svenja Ryan

Research Keywords: Marine Heatwaves, High-latitudes, Climate

Young-Oh Kwon

Research Keywords: Climate Variability and Change, Ocean-atmosphere Interaction, Earth System Predictability

Kurt Polzin

Research Keywords: Stirring, Mixing, Instrumentation

Tom Farrar

Research Keywords: Air-sea Interaction, Upper-ocean Dynamics, Ocean Observing

Claudia Cenedese

Research Keywords: Turbulent Mixing, Glacier and Iceberg Melting, Transport and Burial of Microplastics

Christopher Piecuch

Research Keywords: Sea Level, Ocean Circulation, Bayesian Methods

Amy Bower

Research Keywords: Deep Boundary Currents, Coherent Eddies, Lagrangian Observations

Susan E Wijffels

Research Keywords: Drivers and Rates of Ocean Change, Largescale Circulation and Dynamics, Global Ocean Observing

Irina Rypina

Research Keywords: Transport and Exchange Processes in Oceanic and Atmospheric Flows, Lagrangian Transport, Dynamical Systems Theory

Nicholas Foukal

Research Keywords: AMOC, Heat transport, Lagrangian methods