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After the Cruise

Last Day on Ship

Scientists are expected to vacate their quarters and the labs by noon of the day following arrival. Before leaving the ship, return all books to the library and deposit soiled linen in the space identified by the Steward. Clean all occupied spaces, including heads and laboratory areas. Cleaning supplies are available from the Steward.

Cruise Data Distribution

At the completion of a cruise, collected data is copied to external hard drives, one of which is provided to the Chief Scientist and another is sent to WHOI for archival storage. Equipment is available to the on-board science parties for duplicating these drives as desired.

Shipping Equipment

If you are shipping your equipment from the vessel in Woods Hole or in a foreign port you can find information in the Shipping Your Equipment section.


A "Ship's Agent" is hired by WHOI to act on behalf of the Master of the vessel in foreign ports and some U.S. ports. The agent provides logistical support for the vessel and acts as a liaison with local officials. Chief Scientists may consult the list of current authorized WHOI agents for pertinent shipping addresses and contact information.

In foreign ports and some U.S. ports, the ship's crew will assist loading/unloading the vessel, and when necessary the Master will arrange shoreside assistance through the agent. When aboard ship, all requests for assistance from the agent should be directed through the Master. The science party will be responsible for any costs incurred by the agent on their behalf. The Chief Scientist should assure there are responsible scientific personnel available to load/unload and set up scientific equipment.

Post Cruise Reports

» Post Cruise Assessment Report via MFP
PCARs can be found in the Chief Scientist's cruise workflow and completed via MFP. This form, once submitted will be reviewed by the captain and operators.

» U.S. State Department Reports
Refer to Post Cruise Obligations - The initial report is due not more than 30 days after the end of the cruise.


When arriving in a foreign port or returning to the U.S., a customs declaration must be filled out by everyone. The Master can inform you about declarations concerning articles acquired abroad. The Master should be provided with a complete inventory of all science equipment brought onboard if the ship is required to clear customs at any time when the gear is aboard.

The Master handles clearance of the ship in all foreign and U.S. ports, and once it is cleared, you are free to go ashore. Inform the Master in advance if you are to leave the ship at a port for eventual return to the U.S. so that s/he can arrange for you and your possessions to be cleared through customs and immigration. Science personnel leaving the vessel in a foreign port for return to the U.S. may not leave personal effects aboard unless permission of the Master has been given. In no case shall dutiable goods be left behind on the vessel. You may be called upon by customs officials anywhere to provide a valid prescription for any drugs in your possession.

WARNING-- Be sure your customs declaration is complete and accurate. Smuggling is a serious charge and both you and the Master of the vessel could be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.