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Educational Experience Form

This form is intended for K-12 students engaged in extended educational experiences at WHOI (beyond a short tour or visit).

Please have the student, parent/guardian and WHOI supervisor work together to complete the attached form. The form will need to be signed by either the Department Chair or Administrator and forwarded to the Academic Programs Office for final approval.

In cases where students will be working in labs, there will likely be an EH&S safety audit. In these cases, APO will work with EH&S in the completion of the “Minor Acknowledgement Form”. General safety training may also be required.

  1. All extended K-12 visits will require completion of the “Educational Experience” form (link below).
  2. After parent/guardian signs off, approval for the visit will be initially by the department (DA or Chair) and then go to APO for final approval by the Dean.
  3. CORI checks on those engaging with the minors will be needed. It is important that all personnel interacting with the student are named on the form so that People Ops can run those checks on WHOI employees.
  4. Completed forms should be sent to APO at or MS #31.
  5. If needed, APO will request that a safety check be carried out by EHS.
  6. This form is only for K-12 activities. Any undergraduates engaged at WHOI should be enrolled through the Guest Student program, also administered in APO.