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Lecture Series

The Summer Lecture Series provides our Summer Student Fellows, entering Joint Program Students and other summer students with a popular and useful introduction to the breadth of oceanographic research at WHOI. The speakers are asked to gear their talks to a college Junior/Senior level, and we ask speakers to remember that many in their audience will have had little or no previous oceanography course work. Speakers are encouraged to make their talks as interactive as possible in order to motivate students to participate and ask questions.

"I really appreciated the Summer Lecture Series--I think that one of the best parts of the SSF program is that you become exposed to all different areas of Oceanography, and the lecture series was one of the primary methods for doing so! I feel like I learned so much, and it really broadened my horizons." SSF '11

2024 Summer Lecture Series

June 5, 2024Redfield Aud9:30 AMJoel LlopizBiologyTales of the Planktivores — Ecology of shallow and deep forage fishes of the North Atlantic
10:10 AMChris MurrayBiologyStudying Fish Ecophysiology in a Rapidly Changing Ocean Environment
June 12, 2024David Center (Quissett Campus), AVAST social hub9:30 AMSeth McCammonApplied Ocean Physics and EngineeringCUREE: The Robot that Listens to Coral Reefs
10:10 AMStephanie JenouvrierBiologyClimate Mitigation Halts Penguin Extinction Due to Projected Sea Ice Loss
June 18, 2024 (Tues)Redfield Aud9:30 AMIsabela Le BrasPhysical OceanographyThe fresh water budget of the Arctic Ocean
10:10 AMLaura MottaMarine Chemistry and GeochemistryTheoretical Chemistry Lessons from the Ocean
June 26, 2024Clark 5079:30 AMJulia GuimondApplied Ocean Physics and EngineeringClimate change impacts on coastal groundwater and ecosystems
10:10 AMMasako TominagaGeology and GeophysicsPowers of Scale: From Space to the Seafloor, what different technologies can tell us about Earth-Ocean processes
July 3, 2024Clark 5079:30 AMHauke Kite-PowellMarine Policy CenterOffshore Wind Farms and Fisheries: Learning to Live Together
10:10 AMIrina RypinaPhysical OceanographyAggregation of slightly buoyant microplastics in three-dimensional vortex flows
July 10, 2024Redfield Aud9:30 AMJulie HuberMarine Chemistry and GeochemistryFrom life beneath the seafloor to ocean worlds beyond
10:10 AMChris ReddyMarine Chemistry and GeochemistryThe importance of defying the scientist stereotype (and how to do it)
July 24, 2024Clark 5079:30 AMSarah WindlanskyU.S. Geological Survey - Woods Hole
10:10 AMChris PiecuchPhysical OceanographyIs the Gulf Stream weakening?
July 31, 2024Redfield Aud9:30 AMAnne CohenGeology and Geophysics
10:10 AMChristine ChesleyGeology and Geophysics