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Mooring & Rigging Services

The WHOI mooring construction and rigging shop offers a wide range of services and an extensive marine hardware inventory. Specializations include: a complete swaging service for all 3x19 wire ropes; splicing of all types of synthetic ropes; calibrated pull-testing for the determination of material breaking strengths; mooring construction (both surface and subsurface) plus the launch, deployment, and recovery of these moorings; and a complete shipboard staging service for the oceanographic community. The shop normally stocks a diverse selection of hardware, synthetic rope and 3x19 jacketed wire rope ranging in size from 3/16-inch to 1/2-inch. Deep-sea mooring winches, air tuggers and deck gear are available for support of at-sea operations. Logistics including shipping and receiving are routinely handled by this group, and emergency supplies of miscellaneous hardware are available on short notice. Technicians can be contracted to advise on underwater moorings, construct instrumented strings, and participate in deployment or recovery cruises.