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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is the world's premier independent organization dedicated exclusively to ocean research, technology, and education. We combine state-of-the-art science, engineering, and ship operations to unravel the mysteries of the deep and devise science-based solutions to planet-wide problems.

🗓️ Save the date for a free, in-person conversation about #sciencecommunication with #WHOI marine chemist Chris Reddy!⁠
Reddy will discuss his experiences navigating the muddy waters of talking to the media and government officials while conducting research into environmental disasters like the #DeepwaterHorizon oil spill. Anyone in a public-facing profession will benefit from Reddy’s insights and advice for how to deliver trustworthy and actionable information when it matters. ⁠
📚️The event will close with a reception and book signing of Reddy's book, “Science Communication in a Crisis.” ⁠
This WHOI Ocean and Climate Outreach Series event is presented by @yawkeyfdns 📲 Details and registration at the link in bio!⁠
#scicomm #outreach #WoodsHole #events
💔With profound sadness, we share news of the passing of George Woodwell, founder of @woodwellclimateresearchcenter⁠
An ecological #researchpioneer and a cherished member of the scientific community, Woodwell’s groundbreaking work and unwavering dedication to the environment have left an indelible mark on #WoodsHole –and the world. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping #ecological studies, environmental #conservation, and #sciencebased policies to understand and protect our changing planet. ⁠
Woodwell’s spirit and vision will continue to inspire us as we carry on our mission to understand and protect the ocean.⁠
📸: George Woodwell talks with a guest at a WHOI reception in 2008. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
🎣 Overfishing threatens ecosystems and habitats worldwide– but there is hope if
you know where to look! One shining example: Kolhumadulu Atoll, #Maldives,
where this juvenile #whaleshark peacefully filter feeds without getting entangled–
and local fishers use traditional methods to capture baitfish for a sustainable pole-and-line tuna fishery. 📲Take a voyage around the world with award-winning photographer @henleyspiers to see how ocean life can flourish with #protection (link in comments)!

#OurLivingOcean #LifeBeyond #BeyondBoundaries #30x30
🧑🏾‍🔬What does Juneteenth mean for Black scientists?⁠
Take a moment today to understand the barriers that Black people in sciences, tech, and medicine face– and recommendations for changes at the institutional level. ⁠
📲 Read “Juneteenth in STEMM and the barriers to equitable science,” authored by 52 Black scientists in @cellpress at the bio 🔗


WHOI is at the forefront of groundbreaking science and technology development, unlocking the mysteries of our ocean, its connections to life on Earth, and solutions it may hold to some of our most pressing environmental challenges.

Our scientists and engineers lead more than 800 concurrent projects, tackling some of the most challenging and important problems of our time, from climate change and ocean pollution to sustainable food and energy production.

We operate a fleet of research vessels and vehicles, including two large ships (R/V Neil Armstrong and R/V Atlantis), a smaller coastal research vessel, the iconic human-occupied submersible Alvin, and dozens of other underwater robots.

Through our higher education programs, including the prestigious MIT-WHOI Joint Program, we train new generations of ocean scientists, engineers, and leaders-providing access to cutting edge facilities and unparalleled access to the sea.

WHOI plays a leading role in ocean communications, sharing our insights and knowledge about the ocean to the general public, policymakers, educators, and more, so we can make wise decisions about our ocean, our planet, and our future.


The ocean covers more than 2/3 of Earth's surface and is a fundamental reason why life exists on Earth-but yet many know so little about it. Dive in to learn more about our ocean planet.


For nearly a century, WHOI has been one of the best known and most trusted names in ocean science and exploration. Become a part of the research that shapes our understanding of the ocean, our planet, and life on Earth.