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Annual Application Deadline is October 15, 11:59PM EDT

Criteria for awards include demonstrated research independence, productivity and novelty, and community service including contributions to making ocean sciences and engineering more diverse, equitable and welcoming. Communication with potential WHOI advisors prior to submitting an application is highly recommended and sponsor support for research activities will be considered in the award selection. We will make certain that any staff member you mention as a potential sponsor has an opportunity to review your application. Information about the research interests of the WHOI Scientific Staff, as well as research specific awards for this year, can be found under the Research Areas link to the left.



In addition to the formal application form, the following are required:

  • a current CV or resume that shows educational background, work, and community services experiences;
  • a brief synopsis of the applicant's doctoral dissertation (one-page abstract);
  • a minimum of three non-WHOI recommendation letters (All reference letters should be submitted online by the referee. We do not contact references to request letters. Reference writers should submit letters using the reference link, found to the left on this page); and
  • a concise statement (no longer than four pages) that addresses (1) research interests to be pursued at WHOI, (2) anticipated career plans, with an explanation of how postdoctoral research at WHOI would complement an applicant’s existing experience and preparation, and (3) interests in, experience with, and/or planned commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in research, teaching, and/or service in their career.

All Documents other than the CV are required to be double spaced with one-inch margins and a font size of 11 or greater.  Citations may extend beyond the page limit.

Applications should be completed using the online application submission link, in the related links box to the right.  Applicants completing this form will be considered for all of this year’s scholarship awards. Applicants with a particular interest in one of the specific award categories mentioned in the Research Areas section should indicate their interest in the relevant section of the application form.


Application Status

Following submission of an online application, applicants will be prompted to create an account to submit any remaining application materials and to monitor application status. Application processing is not automatic and references and other materials will not be approved and linked to the application until after the deadline. Please note that applications cannot be edited after submission. You may login to your account using the link to the right. Awards will be announced in December.


Further information may also be obtained by contacting The Postdoctoral Coordinator: Phone: (508) 289-2950;