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For WHOI personnel, vendors, and visitors: COVID-19 Guidelines


Annual Application Deadline: October 15 (11:59 PM EDT)

Prior to submitting an application, we encourage you to contact one or more of our Scientific Staff Members in your area of research. This, of course, is not a condition of applying, but it does assist us in the award selection. We will make certain that any staff member you mention as a potential sponsor has an opportunity to review your application. Information about the research interests of the WHOI Scientific Staff is available under the Research Areas link to the left.


In addition to the formal application form, the following are required:

  • a current CV or resume that shows educational background and work experiences;
  • a brief synopsis of the applicant's doctoral dissertation (one page abstract);
  • a minimum of three non-WHOI recommendation letters (You must ask your reference writers to submit these letters on-line. We do not contact your references to request letters.  You should direct your reference writers to the reference link, found to the left on this page); and
  • a concise statement (no longer than three pages double-spaced) describing research interests, in particular those that the applicant would  like to pursue at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, as well as more general career plans and how a postdoctoral tenure at  WHOI would complement your existing experience and preparation.

Applications can be completed using the online application submission link, in the related links box to the right.  All application materials must be submitted online.  Once you have completed the application form, you will be prompted to create a user account, which will allow you to submit the remaining documents and monitor the progress of your application.  Application processing is not automatic and references and other materials will not be approved and linked to the application until after the deadline.  You may not edit the application once you have submitted it.

The Institution-wide Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship Application should be used for anyone interested in applying for a general WHOI, CMER, OBSIC, OTZ, NOSAMS or USGS postdoctoral scholar fellowship award. Applicants completing this form will be considered for all of these awards. Applicants with a particular interest in one of these specific categories should indicate their interest in the section of the application reserved for this.

Application Status

Once you have completed an on-line application you will be prompted to create an account to submit any remaining application materials, or to monitor the status of you application.  Please note that you will not be able to edit your application once you have submitted it.  You may login to your account using the link to the right.

Further information may also be obtained by writing directly to:

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee
Academic Programs Office, Clark 223, MS #31
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
266 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1541
Phone: (508) 289-2950

Announcement of awards will be made in December.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Organization.