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Postdoctoral Investigators

Postdoctoral Investigator positions are available at the Institution. Investigators normally will be required to conduct research and studies in areas directly relevant to existing grants or contracts. Postdoctoral Investigator appointments normally are initially for one year, renewable for an additional year up to a maximum of four years of WHOI only, or five years of combined postdoctoral level experience.

Postdoctoral Investigators are appointed by the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean on the recommendation of the Department Chair or Center Director. A Postdoctoral Investigator will be treated as a regular, full-time employee if the initial appointment is for at least one full year. Temporary Postdoctoral Investigators may be appointed for a period of time less than one year.

Current Openings

We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities at WHOI.  To view a list of current openings please go to WHOI's Career Center website.

Eyal Wurgaft and Mallory Ringham prepare CHANOS II for water tests.
Former postdoctoral investigator Tim Verslycke worked in a WHOI biology lab to understand a shell disease that is contributing to the decline of the American lobster, Homarus americanus, in New England. Researchers first started to notice little black spots on lobster shells in the 1980s; recently, they have been uncovering shells that are fully infected and rotting. Thirty percent of lobsters in coastal New England and Long Island Sound are now affected by shell disease. Verslycke, a marine toxicologist with a specific interest in how marine crustaceans are affected by environmental changes, is a contributor to the New England Lobster Research Initiative. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)