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Agent Information

A "Ship's Agent" is hired by WHOI to act on behalf of the Master of the vessel in foreign ports and some U.S. ports. The agent provides logistical support for the vessel and acts as a liaison with local officials. Chief Scientists may consult the list of current authorized WHOI agents for pertinent shipping addresses and contact information.

In foreign ports and some U.S. ports, the ship's crew will assist loading/unloading the vessel, and when necessary the Master will arrange shoreside assistance through the agent. When aboard ship, all requests for assistance from the agent should be directed through the Master. The science party will be responsible for any costs incurred by the agent on their behalf. The Chief Scientist should assure there are responsible scientific personnel available to load/unload and set up scientific equipment.

Please advise the WHOI Port Office by telephone (508) 289-2703, fax (508) 540-8675 or email of arrangements that are made directly with the agent (copy of air bills for shipments, fax requests, etc.) to avoid billing problems.

Current Authorized WHOI Agents