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Pressure Test Facility

WHOI maintains a state of the art Hydrostatic Pressure Test Facility in Woods Hole Village that is also open to outside users.  The facility offers two vessels for external pressure testing of scientific and engineering equipment capable of reaching 20,000 psi.

In certain cases, a high pressure outlet may be available for internal pressure testing. The medium is fresh water at room temperature. The testing of implodable items such as Glass Spheres and some Carbon Fiber Housings is not permitted under most circumstances and will be weighed on a case by case basis. Overhead electric hoists are positioned to assist in the loading and unloading of the vessels.

The facility is temperature controlled all year round.

      Max. Instrument SizeTest RangeElectrical PenetrationsMeasure Acoustic EmissionsCamera and Lighting*
PV-524.75” x 96”80psi – 20,000psiYesYesYes
PV-49.75” x 30”50psi – 20,000psigYesYesNo

* Additional nominal cost

Contact Brian Durante at or for more information.

Pressure Test Facility Phone: (508) 289-2339

pressure test facility