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Long range scheduling & planning

These are items in the cruise planning process that require months and in some instances a year of preparation in advance of your cruise

Requesting Ship Time

Use this link to request time aboard WHOI's research vessels Atlantis,  Neil Armstrong and Tioga.

Ship Information

Use this link to explore the various ship's specifications, capabilities, layout, schedule and more. Find the research vessels Atlantis, Neil Armstrong and Tioga in this section.

Foreign Research Clearance

If you plan to work within 200 NM or visit a port in a foreign country, formal permission from that country might be required up to seven months or more before your cruise.

Requests for major shipboard services and equipment

Major Shipboard services and equipment are items and technical support for equipment that is not part of the standard shipboard outfit. In order to include the costs associated with these services into the technical support proposal, up to a year's notice may be needed in some instances.