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For WHOI personnel and vendors: COVID-19 Guidelines


We recognize the considerable time and thought required of professionals in providing letters of recommendation for students. We have provided a reference form to guide your evaluation for the Summer Student Fellowship. You may write or paste directly into the form, or upload a letter (PDF format only). The selection process is rigorous and competitive. Applicants are required to provide three written references from their professors. It is helpful if the letter of recommendation provides an indication of the relative ranking of the candidate within his/her peer group and field of scholarship.

The following information may be of some assistance to you in deciding on the candidate’s suitability for the program. Fellowships are awarded to students who are completing their Junior year of undergraduate course work, majoring in any of the fields of science, math or engineering and with at least a tentative interest in oceanography and/or marine policy. Each fellow pursues an independent research project under the guidance of a member of the WHOI research staff. No courses or services are required of the Fellows, but each must give an oral presentation of research progress at the end of the summer period and submit these results in a paper for staff review and approval. WHOI’s aim in this program is to give a promising group of science and engineering students early experience in oceanographic research that will assist them in their graduate and postgraduate career choices.

Thank you for the time and effort you have devoted on behalf of the applicant and in assisting us in the selection process.

Completed references will be accepted until February 5 (note new deadline). Specific questions about the Fellowship should be addressed to the WHOI Undergraduate Programs Coordinator at