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Ship Scheduling

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Ship time requests will be  taken all year for the current working year and for the following year.
  • A schedule is published online and is updated frequently.
  • A schedule for the following year will be published online by December of that working year.
  • Specific cruise planning meetings can be scheduled by the user and can contact capt. Collins and / or Eric Benway in Ship Operations.  Also, we may request a pre-cruise meeting to be held if needed.
  • For scheduling non WHOI users and booking ship time, please contact Eric Benway at WHOI Marine Operations before scheduling time with the Captain:
    Eric Benway
    Port Captain
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Ship Operations
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    266 Woods Hole Rd.
    MS# 57
    Woods Hole, MA 02543
  • Other meetings will also be used to discuss improvements, changes, suggestions and announcements regarding the Tioga as seen fit.
  • Priorities
    • WHOI Research and Education
    • Other WHOI Users
    • All other users
  • Due consideration will be made of time-sensitive and /or time-certain scheduling imperatives.
  • Once a commitment is made, no one can be bumped.
  • If someone needs non-specific dates, then those days will be booked as “place holders” and those days can be used as “currency” to trade for specific dates closer to project date.
  • Trading of dates is allowed and encouraged as long as Marine Operations is kept in the loop.
  • Alternate users will be wait-listed in the event of cancellations.