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Atlantis is outfitted with a full suite of navigational equipment as required by regulation and as dictated by her principal scientific missions. The equipment is oriented toward use by the officer on the bridge. Navigation information is available to the scientific party through navigation log books after the cruise and on request during the cruise. The science data logger collects, logs and displays all navigation data for scientific users. In general, the Chief Scientist can specify to the Master the type of navigation data, the frequency of observation, and the method of reporting required by the scientific program. Time-consuming or conflicting navigation activities such as radar watches may require that a member of the science party perform the task using the ship’s equipment.

The vessel is equipped with the following navigation devices
Loran C Tigershark Fathometer Raytheon RD-500
Satellite Navigation (2) Northstar 941 XD differential GPS
Furuno 1850 GPS
C-Nav dynamic GPS
Furuno GP-90D WAAS/dGPS
Radars Furuno 2825 X-Band with ARPA
Furuno 2835X S-Band with ARPA
Speed Log Furuno DS-50T Direction Finder Taiyo TD-L1620 VHF