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Cruise Costs

Cruise Costs

The Science party is financially responsible for any costs that are incurred on behalf of and directly related to the science programs. The Chief Scientist and co-PI’s are responsible for any costs that are incurred by members of their respective groups. WHOI will charge the appropriated science party for costs incurred on behalf of and directly related to the science programs.

There are two categories of cruise related expenses, one being the communications costs incurred aboard the ship, e.g. telephone calls, e-mails, faxes, INMARSAT charges. Once aboard the vessel each participant will be asked by the SSSG Tech to fill out an invoicing form and to provide a Credit Card number (preferably not American Express) or a WHOI employee Project Number (for WHOI employees only) to cover communications costs. Each PI should make each of their participants aware of this prior to arriving at the ship. In the case of persons not having a Credit Card, the PI should insure that arrangements are made for payment of their communications costs. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to charge the Purchase Order of the PI in charge.

The second cruise related expense is more clearly associated with the PIs on the cruise. These expenses include, but are not limited to, costs billed to us by the agent to specifically support the operations such as:

  • Expenses of required foreign observers
  • Air fares for unexpected travel
  • Taxi fares
  • Rental cars
  • Embarking/Debarkation fees in foreign ports
  • Shipping and handling charges for science equipment
  • Commercial crane or forklift service
  • Stevedores
  • Purchases of supplies (gases, chemicals, etc.)
  • Satellite communication charges
  • Medical expenses
  • Services for repair of science equipment
  • Customs clearance document fees (AMS-Automated Manifest System)
  • Small boat charters requested by science party

Normal costs for staging, lab preparation and loading of science gear in Woods Hole will be paid for through the technician daily rate. Science programs are not charged directly for loading/unloading costs unless unusual efforts or costs are required, such as hires of large cranes, unusual preparation efforts, etc. When outside costs are incurred for these efforts in ports other than Woods Hole, the science party will be charged.

For this second category of expenses we will need to obtain either a Purchase Order or a Credit Card, prior to the cruise, from each PI responsible for costs of this type. Please note that this Purchase Order or Credit Card can also be used to cover communications costs aboard the ship if desired. This is helpful for those people in your party who do not have credit cards. You should be prepared to give your organization’s Purchase Order number to the Tech on board the ship and the names of any participants authorized to use this number for communications expenses.

The amount for the Purchase Order will be determined by your science plan and mobilizing de-mobilizing location. We will not charge you the full amount of the purchase order, it serves as a promise from your institution allowing us to invoice up to that amount. We have no way of estimating domestic and foreign agents’ charges.

If you prefer, please call our office with your Corporate Credit Card specifics. E-mail is not a secure option; therefore, Credit Card numbers should not be sent to us via e-mail.

Note: WHOI may place an overhead assessment fee of 15% on all billings.

For PIs and participants of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), you should provide us with the WHOI Project Number that you would be using to cover your expenses. Also, you should advise us of the names of all of the participants authorized to charge expenses to this Project Number. Any participants from WHOI or other institutions that will not be covered under your Project Number should follow the procedures for providing us with Purchase Orders or Credit Cards as outlined above.