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Together, we can harness the ocean's power to solve planet-wide problems.
Support ocean science for the global good at Woods Hole Oceanographic.



WHOI Members are among the ocean's most important supporters. Become a Member today, or better yet, join the Mariners Club and become a sustaining member.




Support the effort to understand and sustain our most precious shared resource.


Join a community of supporters passionate about oceanographic research, discovery, and education. Membership benefits help bring you closer to the impact you make.

Starting at $40/yr


Support ocean science and engineering as we work to solve some of our planet's greatest environmental challenges. Open up opportunities to become involved at WHOI on a deeper level.

Starting at $1,000/yr


Make a lasting impact in our oceans by making 71% of the planet a part of your legacy. Speak to one of our specialists to learn how you can support future oceanographic research and education.

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Impact stories

Paul Salem

"I drove through Woods Hole my whole life without ever knowing what they did here, but it’s a national treasure, and everyone should know what they do."

Paul Salem

Chair, WHOI Board of Trustees

Paul Salem

"Every one of us relies heavily on the ocean for so much. I'm proud to help lead and support WHOI's amazing scientists and engineers as they strive to explore and learn more."

Robin Powell Mandjes

WHOI Trustee

"The research that WHOI does impacts all of us and our future on the planet. It is vital to share the information that WHOI gathers to educate us."

Elizabeth Leatherman

WHOI supporter and ambassador

"We are going to have to face the fact that we're changing the climate rapidly. And if we don't get the resources to focus on that, we are not going to understand how to mitigate that change. Woods Hole is a big enough place for scientists to pursue their intellectual freedom with pure scientific research and to drive societally-relevant programs."

Jamie Austin

Oceanographic Geologist, Trustee, Joint Program Graduate


"My family and I are proud to support WHOI's important work with a gift in our wills."

Anya Salama

WHOI Corporation Member and Fye Society Member


"Global warming is the issue we think will have the greatest impact on our children and grandchildren, so we are acting now, by supporting WHOI on an annual basis."

Mary Jo and John Heyl

WHOI Annual Fund Supporters who have created a bequest

"The more I learned about WHOI, the more impressed I became with the oceanographers' passion for discovery. This quest for knowledge is something Neil and I both value deeply, which is why I added this important organization to my estate plans. I encourage others to take a similar step to foster future Discovery..."

Carol Armstrong

WHOI Corporation Member and Widow of Astronaut Neil Armstrong


"WHOI provides an opportunity to put my money where my mouth is in terms of supporting and caring about the world's oceans, which is absolutely necessary at this time. I think everybody should be doing it."

Ron McCormack

WHOI Annual Fund Supporter and Corporation Member


Solutions for our ocean

At any one point, WHOI scientists and engineers are working on over 800 projects. Here are just a few examples of how our efforts are making a difference.

Why we care about the ocean

71% of EARTH'S SURFACE is covered by ocean

40% of EARTH's POPULATION lives within 100km (60 miles) off a coast

80% of INTERNATIONAL TRADE travels by ship

50% of U.S. territory is under ocean

90% of HEAT from global warming has been absorbed by the ocean

Be part of a mission

you can believe in

Every gift helps to further understand the rich diversity of marine life and ecosystems that support them.