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WHOI Departments, Centers, and Labs

Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

Focusing on research into ocean processes from the turbulent surf zone to the abyssal depths.


Studying the biology of marine organisms, their spatial & temporal distributions, and their complex interactions.

Geology & Geophysics

Studying the role of the oceans in past climate change, the structure and tectonics of the ocean basins and margins, and composition and dynamics of Earth's mantle.

Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Using chemical analyses in the field and lab to model and observe ocean processes to help better understand how the global ocean works.

Marine Policy

Conducting social scientific research that integrates economics, policy analysis, and law with basic research in ocean sciences.

Physical Oceanography

Exploring the physics and geography of the dynamic, interconnected global ocean.

Labs & Groups

WHOI scientists run a variety of labs and groups that investigate questions across departments and disciplines. Browse by