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Loading & Outfitting the Ship

All gear and equipment to be loaded aboard, especially chemicals and hazmat, must be in compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. Contact the Marine Operations coordinator for details.

Chief Scientists are responsible for assigning laboratory, deck and berthing assignments. Where multi-leg cruises are involved, this effort must be coordinated with other Chief Scientists through the Marine Operations Coordinator.

In general, all projects scheduled to be on board during an extended voyage have a right to a portion of the scientific spaces, provided that later legs do not inhibit the performance of earlier scheduled programs. Laboratories are set up for current programs and storage space is assigned to later programs.

Science programs that need to load extremely heavy science equipment should coordinate this with the Marine Operations Coordinator.

Heavy deck loads can affect the stability of the vessel and need advance coordination to ensure it is done safely and within the capabilities of each vessel.

It is your responsibility to make sure your equipment is loaded and secured properly. You should plan to have members of the science party at the port call that will be responsible for your equipment. Do not assume the crew will take care of your equipment.

Deck and Lab Layout Diagrams

Deck layout plans provides the crew with the information needed to load your equipment in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. When multiple cruises are involved the Marine Operations Coordinator will assist in the creation of the Deck layout.

The lab layouts plan allows for the reconfiguring of the labs to meet your specific needs. Having this in advance allows the crew to have the lab ready for your arrival. Also, with multiple Phi’s, assigning lab space on the lab layout allows each group to quickly start setting up upon their arrival.

» R/V Atlantis Deck & Laboratory Layout Plans
» R/V Neil Armstrong Deck & Laboratory Layout Plans

Move aboard/Move off Information

If science has multiple mobilization days, science can sleep aboard 2 nights prior to departure.

If there is only 1 mobilization day, science can sleep aboard for 1 night, only.

Upon return to port, science can sleep aboard the 1 night of arrival.

Science is responsible for finding accommodation elsewhere during any extended mobilization or demobilization time periods.