Educational Council


The Educational Council provides advice to the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean about the formation or dissolution of standing committees and receives reports, as needed, from established standing committees (such as those on Admissions, Fellowships and the WHOI membership of the Joint Committees). In addition, the Educational Council provides advice to theVice President for Academic Programs and Dean for establishing ad hoc committees, which may be required to make studies and recommendations on specific issues. Members of standing and ad hoc committees are appointed by the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean in consultation with Department Chairs and the MPC Director with attention to appropriate representation of the Departments and MPC for specific committees.


The Educational Council will consist of:

  • the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean, as Chairman;
  • the Associate Dean;
  • the five Education Coordinators;
  • one member from each of the five departments and Marine Policy Center elected by members of the Assembly from those departments and MPC or selected by the Department Chair or MPC Director with approval of the Scientific Staff of the Department or MPC;
  • one member elected by the Assembly at-large at its first meeting of the academic year (Nominations will take place in the following way: the outgoing Educational Council will nominate a slate of at least three candidates; additional nominations may be made from the floor);
  • one student member elected by and from the student members of the Assembly; and
  • one Postdoctoral Association member elected by the Postdoctoral Association representatives.

Terms will be October 1st to September 30th of the following year, except as provided for in appointments of the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean, Associate Dean and J. Seward Johnson Chair and Education Coordinators. The elections to the council will take place annually in August or September. Members may serve for up to three successive years. The normal selection process for full term appointments will fill vacancies during the year.

The current members are listed in the table below:

James Yoder (Chair) Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean
Margaret K. Tivey Associate Dean
Bryce Corlett Student Representative
Gabriela Farfan Student Representative
Robert Todd Postdoctoral Association Representative
Sylvia Cole Postdoctoral Association Representative
Rebecca Gast J. Seward Johnson Chair, Biology Department
Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink J. Seward Johnson Chair, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department
Delia Oppo J. Seward Johnson Chair, Geology & Geophysics Department
Andone Lavery J. Seward Johnson Chair, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Department
Claudia Cenedese J. Seward Johnson Chair, Physical Oceanography Department
Joseph Pedlosky Physical Oceanography Department, ex-officio

Operating Procedures

The Educational Assembly will meet three scheduled times each year and on other occasions, as the agenda requires. The Assembly will operate primarily through an executive committee called the Educational Council. The Assembly will be chaired by the Vice Presifent for Academic Programs and Dean and will use standard parliamentary rules for discussion and voting upon motions presented to it.

The Agenda for each meeting will be prepared by the Educational Council and distributed in advance. The Educational Council will place on the agenda any item submitted in writing at least three weeks in advance of the meeting and signed by five members of the Assembly. Business on the agenda may be introduced from the floor and discussed; voting, however will be deferred until the next meeting, if the matter affects educational policies or degree requirements.