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Before the Cruise

A list of items to be considered when planning a cruise.

Checklist for Chief Scientist

Timeline of activities for the Chief Scientist with links and contacts used during the cruise planning process.

Checklist for Science Party

Timeline of activities for the Science Party with links and contacts used during the cruise planning process.

For the Ship Crew

This section includes information for members of the Ship Crew including policies, training and facts the crew needs to know before sailing.

Cruise Planning Questionnaire

The cruise-planning questionnaire begins the process of cruise planning. It is used to ensure that the scientific equipment you need for your cruise is aboard and functioning properly and also to communicate your cruise plan to the ship.

Cruise Synopsis

The Cruise Synopsis is a single, concise document identifying all equipment, operational, technical support and logistical requirements for the cruise.

Policies & Required Reading

Items that relate to cruise participants such as required reading and policies can be found in this section.

Use of Hazardous & Radioactive Materials Aboard Ship

If you plan to use Hazardous or Radioactive Material aboard a vessel you can find information and procedures here.


Various subjects such as loading and outfitting the ship, shipping your equipment to and from the vessel, cruise costs, storage aboard ship and U.S. Customs information can be found here.

Data Acquisition

Information about data that is normally automatically acquired by the ships systems and the disposition of that data.

Support Services

Find information about: Shipboard technicians, Shared Equipment, Mooring and Rigging Services, Diving Program, Pressure Test Facility and CTD & IMET Calibration Facility.

Personnel Information

Information that individuals will need to know when planning for their cruise. Topics such as age, dietary concerns, insurance, berthing and identification.

Travel Requirements

When traveling to a ship, the information in this section should be considered. Topics such as visas, passport regulation are discussed.

Transit Planning

When you are planning your cruise and need information about ship speed, arrival, departure and current schedules look here.

Notice To Mariners

When working close to shore a Notice to Mariners notifies other vessels to be aware of research operations being conducted in that area.