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Data Networks & Distribution

This section offers an overview of the general computing facilities available on board R/V Atlantis as an aid in planning for upcoming cruises.

It is a good idea to contact the onboard technician before the cruise to ensure that any computing resources you plan to bring will work with the equipment available, and to verify that the ship’s resources important for your cruise are in good working order. To reach the onboard technician, send email to

Because of recent virus and worm problems with (primarily) Windows computers, all science computers brought on board should have the latest service packs and up to date virus scanning software installed.

If you have requirements which are not discussed in this document please send mail to, or phone Laura Stolp at (508) 289-3031.

Internal Ships Network

The network available to science on board the Atlantis includes:

  • Shore internet access via a captive portal
  • Wireless and LAN accessibility
  • B&W and color printers and color plotters

The science network offers up DHCP, NTP, and access to the ship collected data.

Shipboard email for scientists while at sea is available.

  • Email address is:
  • This email account does have a 10k filter, which is a couple of pages of plain ole text, the filter can be increased.
  • Email is exchanged  every 10 minutes.
  • This is the primary means of on-ship/internal communications between science party members during the cruise.

Data Collection

Data from the ship's instruments are collected on a server and shared on the networks.

Data may include:

  • ADCP data collected using UHDAS
  • CTD using Seabird Software
  • Multibeam  using Kongsberg SIS software
  • Underway positioning, surface seawater and meteorlogical data using dsLog
  • XBT
  • Knudsen 3.5KHz and/or 12KHz
  • Magnetometer
  • Gravimeter

GPS data  are available via RS232 or UDP port 55000.

GYRO data are available via RS232 or UDP port 55100.

Other underway data are also available via RS232 or UDP- contact if you require a full description of data and/or UDP ports.

The R2R Eventlog is available for science use.

At the end of the cruise the Chief Scientist will get one  USB drive with the official cruise data. A copy will also be sent back to WHOI's Data Library and  to R2R ( . During the precruise planning stage the Chief Scientist can ask for a 2 year embargo on the data.

Alvin video and data is package separately from the above ship data.

Internet Access at Sea

R/V Atlantis has Internet Access via HiSeasNet and FBB. Internet traffic primarily goes over HSN. Should the HSN antenna become shadowed traffic will automatically go out either of the two FBBs.

HiSeasNet Access

  • This is a 256kbps link to shore  and a 2Mbps link from shore back out to the ship.
  • The shore-to-ship link is shared amongst other HiSeasNet equipped UNOLS ships within the area.
  • Do not plan to be able to download large files or stream any type of media. We also ask that users turn off any Bittorrent software, and any P2P  or cloud software.

FBB Access

  • This link  can be up to 432kbps
  • Plans for video conferencing, data transmission to shore, etc. will require special consideration/arrangements prior to the cruise.