Friday 12:15 pm
Bigelow 114 Conference Room
(unless otherwise noted)

The following schedule is tentative. If you would like to schedule a COFDL talk or have a question, please contact COFDL coordinator John Trowbridge.

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Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
07/19/19 Jim Chen Northeastern University Modeling Wetland-Bay and Bay-Shelf Sediment Fluxes During Extreme Events: Hurricanes Gustav (2008) and Sandy (2012)
07/26/19 Gail Kineke Boston College TBA
08/02/19 Steve Elgar WHOI TBA
08/09/19 open COFDL
08/16/19 Dayang (Cindy) Wang MIT TBA
08/23/19 Julia Moriarty USGS TBA
08/30/19 No COFDL - Labor Day Weekend
09/06/19 open COFDL
09/13/19 open COFDL
09/20/19 Andrew Ashton G&G TBA