Friday 12:15 pm
Bigelow 114 Conference Room
(unless otherwise noted)

The following schedule is tentative. If you would like to schedule a COFDL talk or have a question, please contact COFDL coordinator John Trowbridge.

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Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
05/24/19 No COFDL - Memorial Day Weekend
05/31/19 Sandy Williams AOPE Microstructure, Currents, & Heat Flux Measurements - MAVS
06/07/19 Tor Nordam SINTEF Random Walk Models for Ocean Transport Phenomena
06/14/19 Chris Sherwood USGS TBA
06/21/19 Mara Orescanin NPS Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics at a Bar Built Estuary
06/28/19 Carl Friedrichs VIMS TBA
07/05/19 No COFDL - July 4th Week
07/12/19 Britt Raubenheimer AOPE Waves, Setup, Swash, and Dune Erosion During Major Storms
07/19/19 Andrew Ashton G&G TBA
07/26/19 Gail Kineke Boston College TBA