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For WHOI personnel and vendors: COVID-19 Guidelines


Friday 12:15 pm
COFDL talks will be held virtually every other Friday. A Slack workspace is available for related COFDL talk discussions.

If you would like to schedule a COFDL talk or have a question, please contact COFDL talk coordinator Jim Edson.

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Talk Schedule


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
04/09/21 no COFDL
04/16/21 open
04/23/21 no COFDL
04/30/21 open
05/07/21 no COFDL
05/14/21 Tracy Kijewski-Correa Notre Dame University TBA
05/21/21 no COFDL
05/28/21 Christie Hegermiller and Chris Sherwood AOPE/USGS Sound-side inundation and dissection of a barrier island during Hurricane Dorian. Part 1: Observations from aerial imagery;  Part 2. High-resolution modeling