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Remote Access Sampler (RAS)

McLane Remote Access Samplers are designed to collect in-situ water samples in support of oceanographic research projects and environmental monitoring programs. The RAS 3-48-100 and RAS 3-48-500 collect ambient water and suspended material in tedlar bags, isolating the samples for subsequent laboratory analysis. RAS systems can optionally be fitted with in-line pre-filters. Each RAS can collect up to 48 samples, autonomously following a user defined sampling schedule. The RAS 100 and RAS 500 are substantially similar systems, differing in the size of the sample collection manifolds to support 100 milliliter or 500 milliliter sample bags.

The Remote Access Sampler (RAS) is a deep water or coastal time series water sampler that collects samples for biological, dissolved major and minor nutrient, dissolved trace metal, or dissolved organic carbon analyses. (Courtesy McLane Research Laboratories)