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Shipping Your Equipment

If you are shipping your equipment to or from the vessel in Woods Hole or in a foreign port you can find information in this section.

Wood Packing Material - WPM Regulations

When shipping science equipment to the vessels new regulations regarding wood pallets, wood boxes, wood reels and other wood packing material are in effect. Find out more about how this affects your cruise here.

U.S. Customs

Science equipment that is aboard a vessel when it returns to the US is subject to US Customs regulations. Find out more here.

Security & Access

Port security and what you need to gain access to the vessel is found here.

Loading & Outfitting the Ship

Is it time to get your gear aboard ship? Find out loading details and considerations here.

Ship Storage

If you need to store equipment aboard before or after your cruise, find information here.

Cruise Costs

Costs that participating science party members may be responsible for.

Charge Day Terminology

Find out what constitutes an "operating day" and other terms here.

Visiting Woods Hole

Joining a cruise in Woods Hole? Find directions, accomodations and parking information in this area.