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Specifications Range 10–40 km depending on activity (sampling, mapping, or transiting). Typical survey or transit speed 0.75 - 1 m/s. Closed-loop control of heading, depth, ice-relative and geo-referenced position (within 150 m of ice and seafloor, respectively). Actuated workspace doors for in situ transition between low-drag transit and intervention configurations.
Air Weight 2200 kg (4,850 lbs)
Depth Rating 5000 m (16,400 ft)
Battery 22 kWhr lithium-ion
Time On board precision atomic clock synchronized to GPS, 1 ppb drift rate/year.
Navigation Inertial IXSea Phins INS/north-seeking gyro-compass; back-up magnetic compasses (3)
Depth Paroscientific Nano-Resolution pressure sensor; SBE 49 FastCAT back-up
Acoustic up/down 300 kHz ADCP/DVLs; Blueview P900 imaging sonar for obstacle avoidance, One-way travel-time acoustic navigational aiding at 10 Hz, 3.5 kHz.
Communication Tether Fiber-optic communications-only Gb Ethernet, 20 km (44 mi)
Acoustic LF (3.5 kHz) 20-300 bps for ship to vehicle (20 km range); HF (10 kHz) 300 bs, ship-to-vehicle (1-5 km range), vehicle to sensor; vehicle to vehicle
Imaging Acoustic Imagenex DeltaT multibeam sonar;  200 kHz, 100 m maximum range; up- or down-looking.
Optical Real-time color HD-SDI video on internal pan/tilt/zoom (Kongsberg OE12- 522); LED lighting (8 DSPL Sphere, dimmable), 3 channels SD, encoded on board; SubC Rayfin UHD (4k) video and 21 MP still camera.
Manipulation Kraft Telerobotics 7-function manipulator arm and custom high-efficiency HPU. Six-chamber slurp sampler.
Chemical/Physical Sensors (permanent) Seabird FastCAT-49 pumped CTD
Biological Sensors (permanent) WetLabs FLNTURTD Chl/backscatter fluorometer (0-30 ug/l, 0-10 NTU)
Auxiliary payload allowance (bow/spine): Native support for 10 auxiliary sensors; ~100 kg wet weight, 500 Whr Energy, 1000 W total (6 high-power channels with Gb Ethernet and/or RS-232, 100 W per channel, 6 low-power channels 3-15 W per channel, RS-232); 4 hardware trigger lines; all channels logged on board and delivered in real-time topside; other communications protocols on request.
Basket 50 lb wet weight, reconfigurable with push cores, grabs, bio-box (1), nets, etc., and custom tools like gas-tight samplers. Up to 90 lb wet weight with removal of slurp.