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For WHOI personnel and vendors: COVID-19 Guidelines

Personnel Information

All persons joining the vessel that are not explicitly members of the ship's crew are considered to be members of the scientific party and as such come under the direction of the Chief Scientist.

The Chief Scientist has the authority to determine the makeup of the science party and the responsibility to assure compliance with Institution policy. Personnel joining the science party must have a legitimate reason for participating in the cruise by virtue of affiliation with the scientific program as investigator, research assistant, or student.

Persons under 18 years of age will not be permitted as members of the scientific party.

Observers representing government organizations or scientific institutions are considered members of the scientific party.

EVERY member of the scientific party must submit a personnel form at least a month before the cruise. All personnel forms are kept strictly confidential.

Dietary/Food Allergy Concerns
We will try to accommodate your dietary or food allergy needs as much as is possible. Please put this information on your personnel form. It is also good practice to contact the Steward about your needs as soon as you board the vessel. You may also contact the Marine Operations Coordinator with any questions.

Insurance for people not covered by their Institution's Policy
All members of the scientific party who are not employees or students of the Institution are considered Shipboard Guest Investigators and they are expected to provide all forms of personal insurance coverage while participating on a cruise. Medical and accident insurance for Shipboard Guest Investigators is not provided by WHOI. If not covered by their respective institution's liability insurance, individuals should make provisions for this type of coverage.

If anyone joining the vessel does not have the proper insurance as specified on the personnel form they should plan to obtain "Travelor's Insurance". Companies such as International SOS provide inexpensive coverage.

Personal Identification
All personnel joining the vessel must have a government issued photographic identification car. (Driver's license, passport, etc).

Cabin assignments are the responsibility of the Chief Scientist which can be made by referring to the berthing plan of each vessel.

Where an odd number of a particular gender is present in the scientific party, one person will be assigned to a cabin alone (the exception is married couples).

» Atlantis Layout & Berthing Diagrams
» Neil Armstrong Layout & Berthing Diagrams

The SSSG tech is considered part of the science party in regards to berthing. As they spend long periods at sea, it is requested that their cabin be assigned science party members if no other cabins are available.