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Marine Facilities & Operations

Support Services

Find information about: Shipboard technicians, Shared Equipment, Mooring and Rigging Services, Diving Program, Pressure Test Facility and CTD & IMET Calibration Facility.

Shore Operations

Information about Marine Operations, Port Office and Marine Employment

Iselin Marine Facility

The Iselin Marine Facility is WHOI's main docking facility.

Vessel Chartering

There are occasions when Institution or participating UNOLS vessels are neither available nor appropriate for specific research projects. At these times it is necessary to seek suitable vessels for charter. Our commitment to the safety of our employees and concerns for Institution liability are the determining factors in the policy described here.

WHOI Small Boat Program 

WHOI researchers, students and others working for or on behalf of WHOI at times self-operate or charter small boats for coastal or other research projects. All operators must be certified to do so.