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At-Sea Personnel Requirements

The following section lists personnel required to deploy WHOI ROV and towed systems and their responsibilities. Scientific party watchstanders will be identified from the shipboard party to assist in vehicle control, data logging, and watch command.

The Deep Submergence Operations Group (DSOG) supplies seven individuals for the navigation and flying stations, including a data processor to assist with reduction of the data. In cases where the chosen vessel does not have a winch capable of supporting either a fiber optic or coaxial cable, one will be supplied with an operator.

Position Science DSOG
Navigator 0 3
Flyers 0 3
Watch Leader 3 0
Data Loggers 3 0
Non-watch Data Processor 2 1
Total 8 7

DSL-120A operation requires four people per watch section to maintain round-the clock operation. Watch sections are generally four hours on, eight hours off. A DSL-120A watch section is divided as follows:

Watch Leader
Carries out mission objectives during the watch and reports directly to the Chief Scientist. Coordinates activities from one watch to another. Responsible for navigational plan and analyzing real-time data.

“Flies” the DSL-120A at a predetermined altitude (usually 100 meters) to provide optimum acoustic coverage of the seafloor.

Operates surface and subsea navigation. Interacts with the ship’s crew to adjust heading and/or speed.

Sonar Data Logger
Monitors and is responsible for logging DSL 120A sonar data.

Non-Watch Data Processor
Primarily concerned with the production of processed data products off-line. Works with DSOG the science party to assess the quality of the collected data.