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Scientific Equipment

Winches & Wires

Atlantis is outfitted with three permanently installed oceanographic winches used to deploy scientific instrumentation.


Cranes & Overside Handling

Atlantis is outfitted with two permanently installed hydraulic marine cranes and one portable, foldable utility crane.



Two Avon 5.4 meter hard-bottom inflatable boats with outboard motors are carried on board Atlantis.


Scientific Instrumentation

A suite of scientific instrumentation available for use aboard WHOI vessels.


Navigation Equipment

Atlantis is outfitted with a full suite of navigational equipment as required by regulation and as dictated by her principal scientific missions



The Atlantis is currently equipped with a Kongsberg Maritime EM122 Multibeam Echosounder. The EM122 12 kHz system is designed to perform seabed mapping to full ocean depth, with full resolution, coverage, and accuracy.