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Position Responsibilities Phone Email Address
Ship Operations General Inquiries (508) 289-2208
Marine Operations General Inquiries (508) 289-2359
Hank Ayers Port Engineer R/V Neil Armstrong maintenance, spare parts inventory, ISM compliance, vessel fueling (508) 289-2750 
Eric Benway Port Captain Assistant to Director of Ship Operations, port agent liaison, port call arrangements (508) 289-3770
Beth Ryan Marine Personnel Coordinator Marine crew (508) 289-2414
Jenn Carter Center Administrator Seagoing technician support (508) 289-2579
Pam Clark Ship Operations Project Manager R/V Atlantis LARS, general Naval Architecture/ Marine Engineering support (508) 289-2735
Isa Welch Financial Analyst Oversight of fiscal matters and procedures, preparation of budgets and proposals, funding agency liaison (508) 289-2613
Dave Fisichella Shipboard Scientific Support Group Manager Ship shore-side support; Seagoing technicians, shared-use equipment, shipboard computing (508) 289-3777
Sarah Fuller Research Vessel Science Coordinator Pre-cruise planning and logistics, science liaison with Ship Operations 508) 289-3811
Robert Munier Vice President for Marine Facilities and Operations Oversight of WHOI's vessels, vehicles, observatories and NDSF (508) 289-3335
Taryn Carley Sr. Administrative Assistant I Support VP for Marine Facilities and Operations.  Post-cruise administrative support. 508) 289-2359
Kerry Strom Marine Operations Coordinator Ship, vehicle & dock scheduling/ research clearances (508) 289-3938
Timothy Twomey Director of Ship Operations Overall management of WHOI research vessels (508) 289-2624
Gary McGrath Senior Port Engineer R/V Atlantis maintenance, shipyard liaison, budget preparation (508) 289-3640
Dutch Wegman Sr. MLR Port Engineer R/V Atlantis Mid-Life Refit Port Engineer (508) 289-2232
National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF)
Andrew Bowen NDSF Director Overall management of NDSF (508) 289-2643
Adam Soule Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence Scientific liaison for NDSF assets (508) 289-3213
Bruce Strickrott Alvin Operations Manager Alvin management, engineering & operations (508) 289-3860
Sean Kelley Sentry Operations Manager Sentry management, engineering & operations (508) 289-3269
Matthew Heintz Jason Operations Manager Jason/Medea management, engineering & operations (508) 289-4871
Catherine Offinger NDSF Field Operations Coordinator ROV/AUV point of contact, ROV/AUV logistics (508) 289-3445
Rick Chandler Submersible Operations Administrator Alvin logistics, Navy clearances, toxicity testing (508) 289-2272