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Requests for major shipboard services and equipment

Major Shipboard services and equipment are items and technical support for equipment that is not part of the standard shipboard outfit. This includes such things as coring equipment, mooring winches, towed magnetometers and specialized technician support for coring, seabeam and other specialized tasks.

Please note the following:

  1. It is important to communicate your needs of the installed and shared use equipment aboard the vessel to the Research Vessel Science Coordinator.
  2. Please select the equipment needed on the Cruise Planning Questionnaire.
  3. If the request is not received in time (typically October of the year before the cruise) to be included into the annual WHOI NSF Technical Support proposal, or is a substantial modification to an original request, then the requester will be advised of and charged for expenses related to preparation and/or non-standard configuration and unscheduled calibrations.
  4. If not requested, installed and shared use equipment may not be available for your cruise due to usage on another cruise, maintenance or calibration requirements.

For more information please view the following resources:

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