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The MIT-WHOI Joint Program draws from the resources of two preeminent institutions to form one of the largest oceanographic faculties in the world. Experts in their fields instruct students using personal research and field studies to support graduate education in ocean sciences and oceanographic engineering. Research interests encompass a wide range of theoretical, observational, and experimental approaches to understanding the ocean. Below is a list of faculty members within the Geology and Geophysics Department which conducts research into a wide variety of topics aimed at furthering our understanding of the dynamic processes of the Earth/Ocean/Atmosphere system.

NameArea of ExpertiseWebsite(s)
Ashton, AndrewCoastal Geomorphology
Bernhard, JoanChemocline foraminiferal ecology & physiology
Canales, PabloSeismic imaging, Geophysics, Oceanic Lithosphere
Cohen, AnneClimate change, Coral reefs, Biogeochemistry
Collins, JohnOcean-bottom Seismology; Seafloor Seismic Instrumentation; Structure of Oceanic Lithosphere
Condron, AlanPaleo/future climate modeling, AMOC, Icebergs
Costa, KassandraPaleoceanography, Sediment Geochemistry, Paleo-proxies
Cross, AndrewRheology, Rock deformation, Glacier dynamics
Das, SarahGlaciology, Paleoclimatology, Polar Science
Donnelly, JeffPaleoclimatology, Tropical cyclones, Sea level, Hydroclimate
Edgcomb, Virginia P.Microbial ecology of oxygen-depleted marine water columns
and sediments
Evans, RobElectromagnetic Methods and Geophysics
Gaetani, GlennExperimental Petrology and Geochemistry
German, ChrisSeafloor fluid flow, Geochemistry, Astrobiology
Giosan, LiviuClimate, Oceans, Landscapes and Humans
Guo, WeifuPaleo-proxy, Ciocalcification, Climate impact
Horton, ForrestHigh temperature Geochemistry
Lang, SusanMarine geochemistry, subseafloor biosphere, dissolved organic carbon (DOC) cycl
Le Roux, VeroniqueMantle Geochemistry, Petrology
Liao, YangPhysical volcanology, Icy moons, Fluid dynamics, Analogue experiments, Hydrothermal circulation
Lizarralde, DanActive-source seismology, Lithospheric evolution, Continental margin processes, Terrestrial to marine
Marchal, OlivierModels of ocean circulation and tracer transport/Application of inverse methods to oceanography and paleoceanography
McCorkle, DanCarbon cycle, Sediment Geochemistry, Paleoceanography
Nielsen, SuneIsotope Geochemistry
Oppo, DeliaPaleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, Paleoceanographic
Rychert, KateBroadband seismology, Lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary, subduction zones
Sohn, RobGeophysical studies of hot springs and volcanoes
Tivey, MauriceMarine Geophysics, Magnetics and Heat flow
Tominaga, MasakoMarine Geophysics, Geo/paleo/rock-magnetism, evolution of Earth's outercore and Wilson Cycle
Wu, WenboCasual inference, Sufficient dimension reduction, High-dimensional modeling
Updated 12/2022