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Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellows may be appointed in two types of categories: Postdoctoral Scholar Fellows supported by Institution scholarship funds, or Postdoctoral Fellows who have been competitively awarded national or international postdoctoral fellowships. In the latter category they will be appointed "(official name of award) - Postdoctoral Fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution." Postdoctoral Fellows undertake independent research in collaboration with their advisor(s).

Postdoctoral Scholar Fellows supported by Institution scholarship funds are competitively selected through advertisement and evaluation procedures approved by the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean and are appointed by the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean. See: Postdoctoral Scholar Program.

Postdoctoral Fellows with national or international competitively awarded fellowships may be appointed at WHOI, provided they are able to locate a scientist on the staff willing to act as a sponsor. Once a sponsor has been located, and the appointment has been approved by the sponsor's Department chair and the Dean, the recipient will be appointed the appropriately named Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institution. An Official letter of notification of the award from the national or international awarding organization must also be received. The appointment time period will be coincident with the fellowship award time period.

Occasionally WHOI has funds for specially focused Postdoctoral Fellowship awards and will advertise specifically for these and place a link on this page.

Postdoctoral fellow Breea Govenar plucks off tiny worms from the surface of a tubeworm collected from the Rosebud hydrothermal vent site. (Photo by Amy Nevala, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)