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Built: 1997
Length: 274 feet
Draft: 19 feet (5.8 m)
Displacement: 3,510 LT
Range: 17,280 NM
Laboratories: 3,517 sq. feet
Speeds: 11.0 knots cruising
Alvin Conversion: 1997
Beam: 52.5 feet
Gross Tons: 3,200 T
Crew - 22
Scientists - 24
DSOG - 12
SSSG Techs - 2
Endurance: 60 days
Fuel Capacity: 267,540 gallons
Propulsion: Diesel-electric, azimuthing stern thrusters
Bow Thruster: Azimuthing jet 1,180 SHP
Ship Service Generators: Three 715 kw 600 VAC
Portable Van Space: At least six 20 ft. vans
Traction - 30,000' .68" EM or 9/16" wire
Hydro - 33,000' 3-cond. EM or 1/4" wire
Heavy Equipment:
Cranes - two @ 42,000 lbs. cap.
HIAB cranes (2)
Midships hydro boom
Sewage System: Envirovac flushing system
Ownership: Title held by U.S. Navy; operated under charter agreement with Office of Naval Research
Other Features: Dynamic positioning system, ROV and submersible hangars, fully equipped machine shop, two rigid-hull inflatable rescue/work boats

Offering a rare look at its form below the water line, Research Vessel Atlantis perches on blocks for routine maintenance in a shipyard in the Bahamas. (Photo by Robert Elder, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)