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2022 Summer Student Fellow Research Projects


Muhammad Haikal Ezhar bin Abu Bakar, University of Colorado Boulder
Last Millennium Reconstruction of Thermocline Variability in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia – Implications for Large Scale Winds
Advisor: Delia Oppo, Geology and Geophysics

Annabella Amato, University of California, Los Angeles
Net Community Production in the Subtropical North Atlantic: Modeling and Observations
Advisors: David Nicholson and Hyewon Heather Kim, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Cassandra Bartels, Barnard College of Columbia University
Old, cold and sometimes far away: the Altiplano-Puna Magma Body and carbon release dynamics throughout the Central Volcanic Zone and the Andean Convergent Margin
Advisors: Peter Barry and Sune Nielsen, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry, and Geology and Geophysics

Jaida Buchanan, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Shortfin Mako Shark Habitat Suitability within Offshore Wind Farms
Advisor: Camrin Braun, Biology

Kayla Cayemitte, Ursinus College
Ramicrusta: The New Threat to Corals in the Caribbean
Advisor: Amy Apprill, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Jean Clemente, Bowdoin College
Timing the Paleozoic oxygenation of the deep ocean using thallium isotopes
Advisors: Sune Nielsen and Peter Barry, Geology and Geophysics, and Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Ashley De La Torre, University of California, Davis
Comparative study (Fundulus heteroclitus and Danio rerio): Exploring the role of AIP in early life stages
Advisor: Mark Hahn, Biology

Rachel Einecker, Arizona State University
Iron Cycling May Lower Methane Fluxes at an Impounded Marsh: Evidence from the Herring River Estuary
Advisor: Meagan Eagle, U.S. Geological Survey

Ryan Galusha, California Polytechnic State University
Rapid Prototyping and Low-Cost Sensor Development
Advisor: Matthew Long, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Rohan Gowda Thanh Quang, Pomona College
Assessing the economic potential for a mesopelagic fishery as an additional source of fishmeal for global aquaculture
Advisor: Di Jin, Marine Policy Center

Audrey Grimes, Middlebury College
Observing Spatial Variability of Offshore Wind Patterns in the Cape Cod Region
Advisor: Anthony Kirincich, Physical Oceanography

James Heiser, University of Tampa
Immune Responses of a Mud Crab Host to a Novel Body-Snatching Parasite
Advisor: Carolyn Tepolt, Biology

Prajna Jandial, Vellore Institute of Technology
Quantifying Noise Response of Squid Schools
Advisor: Yogesh Girdhar, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Namitha Kumar, University of Michigan
Determining the Strength of the Oceanic Crust: A Geochemical and Microstructural Investigation of ODP Hole 735B, Southwest Indian Ridge
Advisor: Veronique Le Roux and Andrew Cross, Geology and Geophysics

Lilian Lucas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Geological mapping in the deep ocean using structure-from-motion photogrammetry
Advisors: Uri ten Brink and Jason Chaytor, U.S. Geological Survey

Helena Lyng-Olsen, Yale University
Determining the Economic Viability of Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal with Seaweed Farms
Advisor: Hauke Kite-Powell and Yaqin Liu, Marine Policy Center

Guransh Mann, University of Arizona
Elevator Controls for an Autonomous Underwater Glider
Advisor: Richard Camilli, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Alexis Mullen, Bowdoin College
Uncovering Circulatory Pathways in the Indian Ocean: Investigating the Pathways of Red Sea Overflow Waters to the South Atlantic
Advisor: Viviane Menezes, Physical Oceanography

Kimberly Nuñez, Macaulay Honors College at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Determining Changes in Benthic Community Structure at HAUSGARTEN I 2008-2018
Advisor: Kirstin Meyer-Kaiser, Biology

Nimrod Rozen, University of Victoria
A Deeper View of the North-Pacific: Transport and Spreading Pathways at 1000 Metres According to Argo
Advisors: Irina Rypina, Alison Macdonald and Sachiko Yoshida, Physical Oceanography

Jack Ryan, University of Massachusetts Lowell
REMUS Vehicle Oil Compensation Systems
Advisor: Carl Hartsfield, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Ashley Schefler, Haverford College
Oxygen Minimum Zones in the California and Humboldt Upwelling Systems Linked to Hadley Circulation
Advisor: Caroline Ummenhofer, Physical Oceanography

Madeline Sowinski, Hamline University
Comparison of ICESat-2 and SMOS Sea Ice Thickness in the Ross Sea
Advisor: Ted Maksym, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering