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2021 Summer Student Fellow Research Projects


Annissa Aamoum, Mount Holyoke College
Synchrony in Plankton Communities on the Northeast U.S. Shelf
Advisor: Heidi Sosik, Biology

Courtney Anderson, Stanford University
Experimental Optimization of Ricochet Separation for Microplastic Filtration Inspired by Mobula birostris
Advisor: Anna Michel, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Claire Andrade, Oregon State University
Characterizing viral diversity and bacteriophage-host interactions in a meromictic pond
Advisor: Julie Huber, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Ayinde Best, Wheaton College
Species Composition and Feeding Strategies at an Inactive Vent
Advisor: Lauren Mullineaux, Biology

Tirzah Blomquist, College of William & Mary
Modeling Cyclical Parthenogenesis in Rotifers: Does the Hatching Pattern Matter?         
Advisor: Michael Neubert, Biology

Nicholas Catanzaro, Michigan State University
Estimating Wave Conditions from Web Cam Imagery in the Great Lakes using a Deep Neural Network
Advisor: Chris Sherwood, U.S. Geological Survey

Simon Detmer, Calvin University
High Resolution 3D Geological Mapping Using Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry in the Deep Ocean Bathyal Zone
Advisors: Uri ten Brink and Jason Chaytor, U.S. Geological Survey

Bailey Fluegel, Northwestern University
A Magnetic Anomaly Study of Axial Seamount
Advisor: Maurice Tivey, Geology and Geophysics

Sydney Hampton, University of South Carolina
Understanding Environmental Changes and Large-Scale Climate Events through the Wandering Albatross
Advisors: Stephanie Jenouvrier, Biology, and Caroline Ummenhofer, Physical Oceanography

Brinley Harrison, United States Naval Academy
Physical and Biological Suitability of Integrating Aquaculture with Offshore Floating Wind Farms in the Gulf of Maine     
Advisors: Scott Lindell and Erin Fischell, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Joshua Himmer, University of Florida
A Study of Anorthite Megacrysts from the Blanco Fracture Zone, Juan de Fuca Ridge, and Southeast Indian Ridge
Advisor: Glenn Gaetani, Geology and Geophysics

Kellie Johnson, Duke University
Comparative Geospatial Analysis of Deep-Water Coral Ecosystems on Seamounts in the US Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, the Adjacent US EEZ, and Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction of the Equatorial Pacific
Advisor: Tim Shank, Biology

Vincent Johnson, Oregon State University
Tropical Cyclone Variability in the Indian Ocean
Advisor: Caroline Ummenhofer, Physical Oceanography

Hailie Kittner, University of California, Santa Barbara
Analysis of Marine Microbial Nitrogen and Sulfur Cycles in the Arctic
Advisor: Maria Pachiadaki, Biology

Camryn Kluetmeier, Middlebury College
The evolution and morphology of the McMurdo Rift and A-76 Iceberg, West Antarctica
Advisor: Catherine Walker, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Megan Knight, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Identification of Bottom Boundary Layers off the Coast of Southern Greenland
Advisor: Isabela Le Bras, Physical Oceanography

Mary Kule, College of Charleston
Barrier island stability and segmentation in micro-tidal environments
Advisor: Andrew Ashton, Geology and Geophysics

Corbin Lanker, The Ohio State University
Assessing and correcting estimated fCO2 from carbonate chemistry models of the Northeastern US
Advisor: Jennie Rheuban, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Öykü Mete, Dartmouth College
Distribution of Barium in Seawater: A Machine Learning Approach
Advisor: Tristan Horner, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Rachel Moberg, Wellesley College
An economic valuation of recreational shellfish fisheries across Cape Cod using the travel cost method
Advisor: Yaquin Liu, Marine Policy Center

Hiroki Nagao, University of Oxford
The Deep Madagascar Basin Experiment: Understanding changes and pathways of abyssal water in the Southwestern Indian Ocean
Advisors: Viviane Menezes and Heather Furey, Physical Oceanography

Tin Nguyen, Jacobs University Bremen
Seasonal Variation and Thickness Estimation of First-year vs. Multi-year Ice in the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas
Advisor: Ted Maksym, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Capria Nordquist, University of Notre Dame
Evaluating the Role of Fine-Scale Heterogeneity in Temperature and Flow in Spatial Patterns of Coral Mortality
Advisor: Anne Cohen, Geology and Geophysics

Jisun Reiner, Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College
Sustainable management of local glass eel resources under global aquaculture expansion
Advisor: Di Jin, Marine Policy Center

Heather Ricker, Skidmore College
Applicable estuarine data for Cape Cod aquaculture: Communicating long-term water quality trends
Advisor: Matt Long, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Eric Rojas, Kutztown University
High Frequency Radio Data from Massachusetts Bay
Advisor: Anthony Kirincich, Physical Oceanography

Redmond Stein, Columbia University
Spatial Trends in Mantle Helium Fluxes to Groundwater along the San Andreas and its Companion Faults
Advisors: Peter Barry and Alan Seltzer, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Shashank Swaminathan, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Simulating and Evaluating Path Plans of Heterogeneous Vehicle Teams
Advisor: Erin Fischell, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Hails Tanaka, College of Charleston
Characterizing ocean temperature variability on the Northwest Atlantic shelf and connecting it to barnacle larvae phenology
Advisors: Jesús Pineda, Biology, and Magdalena Andres, Physical Oceanography

Sofia Walzer, Cornell University
The Impact of Sea Level Rise on the Ecosystem Service Value of Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts
Advisor: Hauke Kite-Powell, Marine Policy Center

Emily Wong, Stanford University
Tracking King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus population dynamics using electronic monitoring and Artificial Intelligence
Advisor: Daniel Zitterbart, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering