2018 Summer Student Fellow Research Projects

Anna Black, Williams College
Testing ENSO’s Driving Role in Southwestern US Megadroughts
Advisor: Sloan Coats, Geology & Geophysics

David Brinkley, Amherst College
Thermal Acclimation in the Anemone Nematostella vectensis
Advisor: Ann Tarrant, Biology

Ella Cedarholm, University of New Hampshire
Investigating the Mysterious Deep Cesium from Fukushima Oceanography
Advisors: Alison Macdonald, Irina Rypina and Sachiko Yoshida, Physical Oceanography

Jinshi Chen, Cornell University
Surfzone Setup and Alongshore Currents during Hurricane Matthew
Advisor: Britt Raubenheimer, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

Maya Chung, Harvard University
Quantifying isopycnal heave using Dynamic Depth Warping
Advisor: Geoffrey Gebbie, Physical Oceanography

Kyle Conner, University of California, San Diego
Assessing Ecosystem Calcification and Production in Benthic Environments Using Gradient Exchange Systems
Advisor: Matthew Long, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Julia Cox, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Zooplankton Regime Shifts and Spatial Variability on the Southern New England Shelf
Advisor: Joel Llopiz, Biology

Ashley Davis, University of South Carolina
Last Interglacial Sea Surface Temperatures and Variability in the Atlantic Warm Pool
Advisor: Anne Cohen and Dan McCorkle, Geology & Geophysics

David Davis, Georgia State University
Constraints on Vanadium Isotope Composition of Vesta
Advisor: Sune Nielsen, Geology & Geophysics

Holly Francis, Stanford University
Design and Construction of a Surf-Capable Autonomous Surface Vessel
Advisor: Peter Traykovski, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

Maxwell Furigay, Trinity College
Changes in the Carbonate System of Red Sea Water due to Dust
Advisor: Aleck Wang, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Devon Gaynes, SUNY Stony Brook
Hurricane-Driven Export of Mid-Atlantic Bight Shelf Waters near Cape Hatteras in September 2017
Advisors: Robert Todd and Magdalena Andres, Physical Oceanography

Rachel Gold, Brown University
Dating the opening of the St. Lawrence Valley as a conduit for glacial meltwater and potential trigger of the Younger Dryas
Advisor: Jeff Donnelly, Geology & Geophysics

Samantha Kenah, Skidmore College
Evolution of small-scale horizontal variability in the coastal ocean
Advisor: Anthony Kirincich, Physical Oceanography

James Kershaw, University of Cambridge
Proxy Wars: Mg/Li as an Alternative to Mg/Ca in the Calcitic Foraminifera U.peregrina
Advisor: Delia Oppo, Geology & Geophysics

Muriel Leung, University of Pennsylvania
Quantifying the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Coral Growth: Combining Experimental Observations with a Skeletal Growth Model
Advisors: Weifu Guo and Anne Cohen, Geology & Geophysics

Emily Maness, The University of Tampa
Invasion of the body snatchers: Investigation of Syndiniales (MALV II) parasites in Salt Pond
Advisor: Virginia Edgcomb, Geology & Geophysics

Claire Mayorga, University of Texas at Austin
The Effect of Ditching on Carbon Cycling in Salt Marshes
Advisors: Meagan Gonneea, U.S. Geological Survey, and Amanda Spivak, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Adriane McDonald, Spelman College
Exposure to PCB153 affects circadian rhythm behavior and gene expression in zebrafish
Advisor: Neel Aluru, Biology

Samuel McNichol, Oberlin College
Development and Assessment of a Novel LED-Based Approach to Quantify the Wavelength Dependence of the Coupled Photochemical and Biological Degradation of Dissolved Organic Matter in Sunlit Surface Waters
Advisor: Collin Ward, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

William Pardis, Montana State University
Miniature Low-Cost Gas Sensor Development - Aquatic and Volcanic
Advisors: Anna Michel, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering, and David Nicholson, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Edwin Rainville, California Polytechnic State University
Comparison of Surface Turbulent Heat Fluxes between CMIP5 Analyses and Satellite Estimations
Advisor: Carol Anne Clayson, Physical Oceanography

Noa Randall, Smith College
Effect of tributary creeks on estuarine dispersion
Advisor: Rocky Geyer, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

Miraflor Santos, New York University, Abu Dhabi
A Gradient in Phytoplankton Size Distribution across the Northeast U.S. Shelf
Advisors: Heidi Sosik and Stace Beaulieu, Biology

Elizabeth Scheibe, Yale University
Effect of Group Composition on Whistle Production in Free-Ranging Bottlenose Dolphins
Advisor: Laela Sayigh, Biology

Patrick Scordato, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Evaluating the reconstruction of intertidal beach morphology from a web camera
Advisor: Chris Sherwood, U.S. Geological Survey

Jane Sedlak, Oberlin College
Solving the Marine Methane Paradox: Isolation, Quantification and Isotopic Analysis of Methylphosphonic Acid
Advisor: Daniel Repeta, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Ankur Shah, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Estimating the Expected Value of Research on the Biological Carbon Pump
Advisor: Di Jin, Marine Policy Center

Iulia Streanga, University of Edinburgh
Calibrating Sr/Ca ratios and δ18O to sea surface temperature and salinity in the West Pacific Warm Pool
Advisor: Konrad Hughen, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Nicole Suren, University of MiamiFish on Defense: How xenobiotic chemical exposures affect Fundulus heteroclitus PXR expression
Advisor: Jed Goldstone, Biology

Brooke Torjman, Muhlenberg College
Food affects swimming behavior of larval Crepidula fornicata
Advisor: Lauren Mullineaux, Biology

Peter Ventola, United States Naval Academy
Improving Sonar Data Collection on the Slocum Glider
Advisor: Richard Camilli, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

Peidong Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Synthesis of Tree-Ring Records and Coupled Climate Model Simulations to Understand North Atlantic Regional Climate Response to Volcanic Eruptions in the Last Millennium
Advisor: Caroline Ummenhofer, Physical Oceanography