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Research Highlights

Coastal communities in Ghana

WHOI to Receive Funding For Ocean Margins Initiative in West Africa

Perkins Students

Perkins School for the Blind Visit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


For microscopic organisms, ocean currents act as ‘expressway’ to deeper depths, study finds

Polar Expedition

An open polar sea?

Book Cover

WHOI Physical Oceanographer publishes peer-reviewed book about the Indian Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Sea Surface Temperature Research Provides Clear Evidence of Human-Caused Climate Change

Chris Piecuch

Celebrating Pi Day with Chris Piecuch

wind farm

Collaboration to monitor sea, weather, and wildlife


Will the Gulf Stream really shut down?

WHOI oceanographers use Spray gliders to make measurements below the ocean surface across the Gulf Stream, and to complement satellites that routinely measure water temperature at the ocean surface. (Photo by Robert Todd © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

New Study Finds That the Gulf Stream is Warming and Shifting Closer to Shore

Lisa Beal communicating to the bridge

New Study Definitively Confirms Gulf Stream Weakening

Eel Photo

Making sense of a mystery fish

Two boaters pass by in Jökulsárlón, Iceland. (Photo by Rolf Gelpke via Unsplash)

It’s always freezing in the Arctic. Or is it?

Aerial view of Armstrong sailing off the coast of Greenland near icebergs. (Photo by Croy Carlin,
© Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

What’s happening with AMOC?

Heatwave Photo

Record-level heat is predicted for the months, and years, ahead. Why is this happening?

Cape Cod Bay with Long Point Light Station in background.

Mapping the potential path of nuclear wastewater

WHOI physical oceanographer Magdalena Andres and Stony Brook University professor Charles Flagg at a recent visit to the cargo vessel Oleander in the Port of New Jersey.

Oleander Project Transfers to WHOI Management


Atmospheric Research Provides Clear Evidence of Human-Caused Climate Change Signal Associated with CO2 Increases