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The Atlantis is currently equipped with a Kongsberg Maritime EM122 Multibeam Echosounder. The EM122 12 kHz system is designed to perform seabed mapping to full ocean depth, with full resolution, coverage, and accuaracy. Some details of the system installed on Atlantis:

  • Swath width from 2 to 6 times water depth. In typical 3 to 4 km depths, a swath width of 3.5 times depth can be expected.
  • Full 1° x 1° transmit and receive array.
  • Up to 432 soundings per swath in single ping mode, up 864 soundings in dual ping mode.
  • Can use both CW and FM outgoing pulses.
  • Capability to record water column data.
  • A fully integrated display system, with 2D and 3D viewing, route planning, system diagnostics, etc.

Color printers and large-format plotters are also available.