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Deep-Sea Diaspora

Deep-Sea Diaspora

December 1, 1998

When spectacular biological communities were first discovered at hydrothermal vents in 1977, biologists puzzled over two main questions: How did these oases of large and abundant animals persist in the deep sea, where food is typically scarce? And how did these unusual species, which occur only at vents, manage to colonize new vents and avoid extinction when old vents shut down?

News Releases

U.S. National Office for Harmful Algal Blooms at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Releases National Science Strategy for Harmful Algal Research and Response

July 23, 2024

Updated national science strategy for harmful algal research and response builds on major accomplishments, findings.

Alexandrium cutlures

The Detection of a Massive Harmful Algal Bloom in the Arctic Prompts Real-Time Advisories to Western Alaskan Communities

July 10, 2024

The potent toxicity of the 2022 HAB event “posed an unprecedented risk to human and ecosystem health.”

Desertas Petrel

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Oceanic Seabirds Chase Tropical Cyclones

July 9, 2024

A new study reveals that the rare Desertas Petrels, a wide-ranging seabird in the North Atlantic, exhibit unique foraging behaviors during hurricane season.

Yawkey 2023

Yawkey Foundation and WHOI present: Ocean & Climate Outreach Series

June 25, 2024

Looking for a fun, free, interactive way to learn more about the mysteries of the ocean? WHOI & the Yawkey Foundation present the 2024 Ocean and Climate Outreach Series.

CTD Recovery

New Technologies Revise Scientists’ Understanding of the Oxygen Minimum Zone

May 21, 2024

A new technology detects trace amounts of oxygen in an environment where previously these life-supporting molecules were below the limit of detection.

News & Insights

Predatory fish could lose 40 percent of habitat by 2100, study finds

August 9, 2023

Shark superpowers, science, and social media

July 27, 2023

MIT-WHOI Joint Program student Jaida Elcock celebrates Shark Week and shark awareness in this Q&A

Life In the Dark: The Polar Night

July 5, 2023

At the northernmost year-round research station in the world, scientists brave frigid temperatures and perpetual night to solve an ocean mystery. The team is trying to figure out how some of the tiniest animals survive at a time of year when their main food source is not available.

Deep Sea Parasites Flourishing in Marine Ecosystems

June 29, 2023

WHOI’s Jaida Elcock and Lauren Dykman explain why parasites may be a sign of ocean health

Dolphin moms use baby talk with their young

June 29, 2023