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WHOI Standard CTD Package

The PI must specify during the cruise planning process whether a CTD/rosette system is required. If a CTD is not specified, it will be assumed not to be needed, and may be removed for calibration or maintenance.

When a CTD system is requested through the Cruise Planning Questionnaire, the ship will be provided with the following configuration:

  • SBE9+ CTD
    • Complete system depth limit is 6000m
    • Dual SBE3T/SBE4C sensor system
    • One spare of each: SBE3T temp, SBE4C conductivity, SBE5 pump
  • SBE43 oxygen sensor on primary channel
  • Benthos/Datasonics PSA-916 altimeter for bottom approach
  • Wet Labs FLNTURTD combination fluorometer and tubidity sensor
  • Wetlabs C-Star transmissometer, 660nm wavelength, 25cm pathlength
  • Rosette frame with SBE32 24-position carousel
    • 24 ea. 10-liter OIS or WHOI Niskin bottles
  • SBE11+ CTD deckunit with NMEA position interface

Note: Atlantis typically operates with 23 Niskin bottles, but this configuration can easily be changed to 24 bottles.

Optional or alternate items which must be requested during the cruise planning process include:

  • Biospherical Instruments QSP-200L4S underwater PAR sensor, 1000m depth limit with accompanying surface PAR (QSR-240)
  • Wet Labs ECO-AFL fluorometer
  • Seapoint STM turbidity sensor