Orpheus explores the ocean’s greatest depths

Leaders-in-Training from Camp Harbor View participate in whale watching trip with WHOI biologists

Camp Harbor View Whale Watch

Fearsome Phronima

Future Researchers

GOES Program

Engineering the future

Pelagic octopus




Stars and Stripes


Sitting atop a legend

R/V Armstrong in Southern Greenland

Potato chips of the sea

Macroscopic Life

These may look like a curtain of Mardi Gras beads hung in a doorway, but they are actually Man-o'-War tentacles that can inject toxins into any creature unlucky enough to bump into them. Photo by Larry Madin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Beads that Sting

Nature Imitating Art

A helicopter takes off with a sling-load of freshly-drilled ice cores taken from the 2000-meter-high summit of an ice cap in west Greenland.

On Top of the World

Andy Bowen at TedX

Featured Image: WHOI at TED2019

The Krill Tank

The Krill Crate

HOV Alvin

Splash in the Dark

Reef Ray

Reef Ray

Teeming with Life

Featured Image: Teeming with Life

A Mountainous Task

A Mountainous Task

Corals Under Threat

Corals Under Threat