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Postcards from the Bottom of the Earth

In November and December of 2001, WHOI Senior Scientist and geochemist Ken Buesseler took part in a research cruise on the Australian Research and Supply Vessel (RSV) Aurora Australis in and out of Hobart Australia heading due south to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Along the way, he wrote several letters to his family describing his experiences working at the far edge of the world. On the next few pages, you will read in Ken’s own words what it is like to be a scientist at the tempestuous and frigid edge of the world.

This project was partially funded by a WHOI Mellon Award and partially by Ken Buesseler’s chair with the Ocean Life Institute.

WHOI Senior Scientist and geochemist Ken Buesseler.

Letters Home

November 22, 2001 (Part 1)

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2001 (Part 2)

So why am I spending 45 days out here off Antarctica?

November 27, 2001

The northern edge of the sea ice surrounding Antarctica.

November 30, 2001

The sunset.

December 2, 2001

Crossing the Antarctic Circle.