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Sensors & Samplers

Information about the various sensors and samplers oceanographers use to study the ocean.

Moorings & Buoys

Moored observatories—secured by wires, buoys, weights, and floats—are platforms which allow us to observe how the ocean and seafloor change.

Floats & Drifters

One of the oldest methods for studying ocean circulation is to drop something into the water and let the ocean carry it wherever it may go.

Seafloor Mapping Systems

Information on the systems that scientists use to map the seafloor.

Lighting & Camera Systems

Exploring the seafloor can be like using a flashlight to find something in a dark basement. Learn about the systems the researchers use to light, videotape, and photograph the ocean.

Communication Tools

Information on tools used to communicate between researchers, instruments, vehicles and ships.

Multidisciplinary Instrumentation in Support of Oceanography (MISO)

MISO is a community instrumentation facility for deep-sea digital imaging at WHOI and funded by the National Science Foundation's Ocean Sciences Division. The MISO Facility provides ready access to all US investigators needing deep-sea digital imaging capabilities for seafloor experiments and surveys that are rated to 6000 m depth.