Child Care Subsidy


All WHOI postdocs are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy / Dependent Care Reimbursement Program. Postdoctoral Investigators are eligible for the employee benefit plan. The Program for Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows emulates the employee plan wherever possible. Certain areas where we are restricted by law, or the rules of a particular fellowship may restrict us from providing specific benefits such as flexible spending or tax benefits. 

If you are eligible for the subsidy, you may receive $3.00 per day care hour per child for child care costs incurred to enable you and your spouse/domestic partner to work. The subsidy will be based on actual time worked (exclusive of overtime) and child care hours; the amount paid will be for the lesser hours. You may receive up to an annual maximum of $3,000 per dependent. The expenses must be for the care of dependent children under age 13.  

Postdoctoral Investigators:
Further details about the Child Care Subsidy / Dependent Care Reimbursement Program can be found on the Human Resources web page.

Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows:
The following forms must be completed and returned to Benefits, in Nobska House, MS #15, prior to receiving any benefit:

Your supervisor should verify your hours, a space has been provided on the bottom of the Child Care Provider form. All paperwork should be submitted to Human Resources, MS 15 by the 1st of the month in order to be processed and paid out in the last pay period of the month.

Please note* IRS regulations and the rules of particular appointments prohibit us from providing this benefit on a pre-tax basis.

Questions can be directed to Human Resources.