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Use of Hazardous & Radioactive Materials Aboard Ship

Hazardous Material

Scientists planning to use hazardous materials on board need to provide a list of materials by chemical name, common name, type and classification using the Hazardous Material Inventory form.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be required for all hazardous material brought aboard, and the Master will need the MSDS forms at loading.

Spill Kit
The science party must supply spill kits for large amounts and unique Hazardous Materials.

Personal Protective Equipment
The science party must bring the proper safety equipment required for the hazardous material. This includes items such as safety glasses, lab coats, gloves, etc.

Hazardous Waste
It is the responsibility of the Investigator to make arrangements to properly dispose of their hazardous waste at the end of their cruise. For cruises in and out of Woods Hole this can be accomplished through the Environmental Health & Safety Office. Non-WHOI Investigators will be responsible for any charges resulting from this disposal.

For advice or information regarding Radioactive Material aboard ship please feel free to contact the Marine Resource Coordinator.

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Radioactive Material

Authorization from the WHOI Radiation Safety Officer must be received before any Radioactive Material can be used aboard ship.
» Radioactive Material Use Authorization Request Form
» Radioactive Material Use Authorization Amendment Request

Typically radioactive material is confined to an Isotope Lab. The Lab is usually a 20ft laboratory van to isolate the radioactive material from the rest of the vessel for contamination issues. Consideration can be made for the use of radioactive material outside of the Isotope Lab with advance arrangement.

Consideration must be given to the loading and removal of radioactive material as special arrangements are typically needed for radioactive material.

The WHOI Marine Resource Coordinator may be consulted directly for specific information or advice.

Radioactive Material Logistics (Shipping, waste disposal, swipe tests)

The Investigator is responsible for shipping their radioactive material to the vessel’s location. Consult your institution’s Radiation Safety Officer on the best method to ship your radioactive material. It is advisable to ship the material to the RSO of a nearby Institution.

Waste Disposal
The Investigator is responsible for all hazardous waste disposal. Consideration must be given for the minimal space that is available for Radioactive waste.

Swipe tests
Swipe tests are required before any work is done, during the cruise and then a final swipe test at the end of the cruise. A Liquid Scintillation counter is provided specifically for this purpose. The final swipe test report should be given to the Chief Mate and a copy kept for your records. A copy of your report will be requested by the Marine Resource Coordinator.

You can consult the Marine Resource Coordinator for specific information or advice.