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Summer Student Fellowship

A research project is at the heart of the Summer Student Fellowship program. All Fellows are expected to work on a project selected in collaboration with their sponsor(s) that will provide meaningful results in one summer’s work. Project topics span the vast spectrum of research in ocean sciences and engineering conducted in WHOI’s science departments and the Woods Hole Field Station of the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Fellowship recipients have the opportunity to attend and participate in a busy schedule of talks, seminars and a hands-on, one-day, ocean sampling cruise onboard the R/V Tioga focusing on data collection and sampling methods with advanced oceanographic technology and instruments. The cruise is especially designed for Fellows and not only provides practical training but also brings the group together socially through a shared field experience.

Fellows also have many occasions to interact with current MIT/WHOI Joint Program graduate students, from the Q&A session designed specifically for that purpose to the Ethics in Science Workshop.

WHOI actively recruits underrepresented minorities in ocean science as defined by the National Science Foundation (African-, Hispanic- and Native-Americans, and Pacific Islanders) in all of our education programs, as well as programs of the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative, such as the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program.  More information can be obtained by contacting education@whoi.edu.

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Applications are accepted each year starting in mid-November through February 15.

Here is what some past fellows had to say:

"This experience has given me invaluable insights into the broad spectrum of WHOI projects and activities ranging from fundamental oceanography principles to harmful algal blooms and autonomous vehicles. The WHOI SSF has truly laid the foundation for my scientific career. Thank you!" SSF '10

"I really appreciated the Summer Lecture Series--I think that one of the best parts of the SSF program is that you become exposed to all different areas of Oceanography, and the lecture series was one of the primary methods for doing so! I feel like I learned so much, and it really broadened my horizons." SSF '11

"I have never been more satisfied with my advisors. I owe all my summer knowledge to them. They have inspired me to pursue the field of oceanography." SSF '11

"...a day out on the water is always a good day." SSF '11

Additional Information

2014 Summer Research Highlights

2014 Summer Research Highlights

In 2014, 30 Summer Student Fellows representing 26 different U.S. and International colleges and universities spent their summer immersed in ocean sciences and engineering projects at WHOI.  Read about some of their experiences and research projects here.

2013 Research Highlights

2013 Summer Research Highlights

In 2013, 32 Summer Student Fellows (SSF) representing 32 different U.S. and International colleges and universities spent an unforgettable summer immersed in ocean sciences and engineering projects at WHOI.  Read about some of their experiences and research projects here.

2012 Summer Research Highlights

2012 Summer Research Highlights

In 2012, 32 Summer Student Fellows (SSF) representing 30 U.S. and International colleges and universities were selected from a group of 192 applicants.  Read about some of their experiences and research projects here.

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