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Tech to the rescue: The race to save the right whales

:: The Globe and Mail

Spying on Whales to Save Them

:: The New Yorker

Plan To Save Endangered Whales Faces Pushback From Lobster Industry

:: Rhode Island National Public Radio

Dolphin diet study gives conservation clues

:: BBC News

Wild Dolphins Need A Whopping 33,000 Calories Per Day


North Atlantic right whale extinction a real possibility

:: The Inquirer and Mirror

North Atlantic right whale washes up on Nantucket

:: Cape Cod Times

Study offers hope of solution to dolphin strandings

:: Cape Cod Times

Can these drones save elephants from extinction?

:: NBC News MACH

Gone in 20 years? Scientists raise alarm over northern Right whales

:: Radio Canada International

Scientists to discuss decline in right whale population

:: The Boston Globe

Report: Whale's breath could hold clues to their health

:: Cape Cod Times

Sound and Color

:: The Current - UC Santa Barbara

We Learned A Lot from Whale Snot

:: Discover Magazine

Conservationists plan to sue over right whale deaths

:: Cape Cod Times

Episode #1: Whales of New York

:: The Briny

New York Today: Whales in Our Waters

:: The New York Times

Right Whales are dying

:: Newstalk 1010 with Jerry Agar



Troubling signs for right whale population

:: Cape Cod Times

Navy turns to seal whiskers for new tech

:: Portland Press Herald

The seal whiskerers: Navy looks to sea life for new ships

:: Associated Press - The Big Story

North Atlantic right whale births in decline

:: Cape Cod Times

If You're Droning on About Drones, You're Missing the Point

:: Huffington Post - The Blog

Humpback found dead in Truro, cause unknown

:: Wicked Local Truro

The Whales of New York

:: Slate

Whales Can Really Rock With Their Mellow Songs

:: The New York Times

Science says the songs of whales have good vibrations

:: Business Insider Australia

This 43-foot dead whale was trucked through downtown Portland

:: Portland Press Herald

Scientists Listen to Whales to Learn How to Protect Them

:: The Wall Street Journal

A Robot Buoy That Saves Whales From Boat Strikes

:: The Atlantic

Pilot whale stranded off Cape Cod beach dies

:: WMUR TV 9 Manchester

Stranded pilot whale dies in Chatham

:: Cape Cod Times

Four unexpected ways people are using drones

:: The Washington Post

The Great New York Whale Census

:: The New York Times

Listening in on whales off New York's Fire Island

:: The Washington Post

Can you hear them now? New buoy listens for singing whales

:: Associated Press - The Big Story

Endangered Whales Get a High-Tech Check-Up


Why was a humpback whale caught in a headstand?

:: The Christian Science Monitor

What Whales Do at Night

:: Scientific American

The drag effect of fishing gear entanglements on whales

:: Radio Canada International

White Whale

:: Slate

How drones can help us better understand whales

:: The Christian Science Monitor

Rare Omura's Whale Recorded In First-Ever Field Observation

:: Nature World News

Unusual beaked whale dies on Provincetown sand bar

:: The Boston Globe

Copter does whale of a job

:: Cape Cod Times

Whale Drone Demonstration: Flying for Snotty Research

:: Nature World News

Drone zooms through humpback whale breath

:: NBC2 News

WHOI researchers collect vital data with whalecopter

:: Cape Cod Today

Changing the Deadly Collision Course Between Ships & Whales

:: Huffington Post (The Blog)

As ships approach, blue whales don't know what to do

:: The Boston Globe

Ocean commotion: Protecting sea life from our noise

:: New Scientist

Migrating Whales Return to Our Waters

:: WCAI - The Point

Museum acquires whale recordings

:: South Coast Today

Juvenile humpback whale washes ashore Tuesday at Corolla

:: The Outer Banks Voice

Researchers study gray seal pups off Cape and Islands

:: Cape Cod Times

Chasing Bayla

:: The Boston Globe

Renewable energy: Wind power tests the waters

:: Nature

Whale watchers in humpback bliss

:: Boston Globe

Wild Beluga Whales Pass Hearing Test

:: Scientific American

New tool to aid in dolphin strandings


Help for humpback health

:: Cape Cod Today

Monitoring the health of humpback whales

:: Digital Journal

Sounds of the Sea

:: Living on Earth

Genomics in the Journals

:: GenomeWeb

Saving Whales with Colored Ropes

:: California Academy of Sciences

Core skin bacterial community in humpback whales

:: Science Daily

Colored Lobster Rope Could be Safer for Whales

:: Edge on the Net

Colored lobster rope could be safer for whales

:: Cape Cod Times

Colored lobster rope could be safer for whales

:: Contra Costa Times

30 UNDER 30: Julie van der Hoop, oceanographer

:: Richmond Review

Marine Animal Identification Network (MAIN)

:: Scientific American

How we all kill whales

:: Oxford University Press

Professor explores humane whale euthanasia

:: Technician Online

How we all kill whales

:: Cape Cod Today

Killing whales by design and default


Magnificent, Mysterious, and Dying

:: The Ascender

The plastisphere menace

:: The Star Online

Slow down for whales

:: Cape Cod Times

Speed limits to protect whales up for review

:: Cape Cod Times

Twenty-Three Days in Madagascar

:: Huffington Post

Seeing in the Dark

:: Terra Daily

Summer shark research heats up at WHOI

:: Cape Cod Today

52 Hz

:: PRX

The Loneliest Whale in the World?

:: Discovery News

City updated on whale skeleton

:: Fort Bragg Advocate-News

Seals, Sharks, Fish, and Humans

:: The Point- WCAI

Rule aims to reduce whale snaring

:: Cape Cod Times

Man v seal: How we compare with our marine cousins

:: Pakistan Today

Researchers attach radio tags to seals in Chatham

:: SouthCoast Today

Scientists tag seals off of Cape Cod

:: Wicked Local Orleans

Whales can die a slow death when tangled in fishing gear

:: Summit County Citizens Voice

Whale's Slow Death Caused By Fishing Gear

:: Red Orbit

Pilot whale dies on Chatham beach

:: Boston Globe

We're way too loud for whales

:: Irish Examiner

Wrinkly Fingers! - Earth Juice (Ep 11) - Earth Unplugged

:: EarthUnplugged TV

Dolphins say I miss you, claim St Andrews experts

:: The Courier

Dolphins May Call Each Other by Name

:: Wired

The old grey whistle test


In the News: Whales to benefit from a reduction in shipping noise

:: Environmental News Network

Calving raises concerns about whale protection

:: Cape Cod Times

Whales benefit from action on ocean noise

:: BBC News

Gray Seals Impact on Water Quality & Fisheries

:: The Point- WCAI

Robots find rare whales in weather humans can't

:: Delaware Online

Robots find rare whales in weather humans can't

:: Delaware Online

Robots can find whales when people cannot

:: Portland Press Herald

Robots that identify endangered whales tested

:: The Boston Globe

High-Tech Robot Seeks Out Right Whales

:: Oceana blog

Woods Hole researchers successfully test whale-detecting robots

:: Environmental Monitor

Noise Is a Threat, but Poorly Understood

:: New York Times

Robots Watch Whales and Warn Mariners

:: Discovery News

Robots: The new whale sleuths

:: TMCnet

Robots: The new whale sleuths

:: Cape Cod Times

Robot helps protect rare whales in Gulf of Maine

:: Portland Press Herald

Underwater Robots Hear 9 Endangered Whales

:: Yahoo News

Sharp-eared Robots Find Whales And Help Them Escape Danger

:: National Geographic

Sea whodunit: How scientists solve whale deaths


Worried About Underwater Creatures, Scientists Want To Hush The Noisy Oceans

:: All Things Considered: WBUR radio

Listening in on 100 Million Fish

:: Conservation Magazine

North Atlantic right whales subject of Mass. forum

:: San Francisco Gate

Whale Calls Meet Citizen Science

:: The Huffington Post Science (blog)

How Fishing Gear is Killing Whales in the North Atlantic

:: Yale Environment 360

Quirks & Quarks: Whales for the Killing

:: CBC Radio One

Rockport is final resting place for finback whale

:: The Boston Globe

Fishing Gear vs. Whales

:: Huffington Post

Most Whale Deaths Since 1970 Were Human-Caused


Most Whale Deaths in Past 40 Years Were Caused by Humans

:: Scientific American

Dolphins decompress like humans

:: Deccan Herald

Bats have sex on the brain

:: ABC Online

New data recast whale studies

:: Cape Cod Times

Humpbacks take own route to dinner


Close to Shore, Humpbacks Are Far From Safe

:: New York Times

Dolphins May Be Math Geniuses


Whale skull may have predated Pilgrims

:: Cape Cod Times

Right whales, lost and alone, face extinction

:: The Sunday Times

Scientist at Work: More to Learn About Dolphin Whistles

:: New York Times (blog)

Scientist at Work-Playing Tag With Dolphins

:: New York Times

Captive Dolphins Get New Chance At Freedom

:: Global Animal

Ear wax improves underwater hearing for whales

:: New Scientist (blog)

Understanding of Hearing in Baleen Whales Amplified

:: Science Daily

Fatty Ears May Help Baleen Whales Hear


Keating tries to save stranding response aid

:: Cape Cod Times

Humpback Whale Tagging


Dolphins 'dying in record numbers'

:: SBS Australia - World News

The Point: Right Whales


Stranding studies advance science

:: Cape Cod Times

Nice to Meet eet eet You

:: Science AAAS

When meeting up at sea, bottlenose dolphins exchange name-like whistles

:: Discover Magazine (blog)

Cape dolphin rescues face budget ax

:: Cape Cod Times

Mystery of stranded dolphins on Cape Cod

:: CBS Evening News

Scientists looking for help to ID whale songs

:: Digital Journal

Hope persists for injured whale off SC coast

:: The State

Georgia whale rescued off Florida coast

:: Savannah Morning News

Peter Tyack: The Intriguing Sound of Marine Mammals

:: The Huffington Post

Human-generated sound and marine mammals

:: Physics Today

Skip this cocktail party: contaminants in marine mammals' brains

:: environmentalresearchweb

Skip This Cocktail Party: Contaminants in Marine Mammals' Brains

:: Innovations report, Germany

Coast Clearer for Behemoth

:: Atlanta Journal Constitution

How Whales And Other Marine Mammals React To Sonar

:: Science Daily