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We are all whalers

Special event with author Dr. Michael Moore!

Join us for a virtual conversation and book reading with author and WHOI veterinarian and marine scientist, Dr. Michael Moore, to celebrate the publishing of his book, “We Are All Whalers.” Moore shares his experiences caring for endangered whales and how we can all aid in the salvation of these imperiled animals. With host Veronique LaCapra.

NOVEMBER 30, 2021
7:00 pm EST

The reviews are in for “We are all Whalers”

The reviews are in for “We are all Whalers”


“A compelling argument that whales’ survival depends on each of us.”—Washington Post

“This empowering call to action stuns.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“It’s not all doom and gloom... Moore furnishes solutions while sounding the alarm.” —Bloomberg, “Six Best Books This Fall”

Michael Moore

About the author

Michael is a biologist and veterinarian, and the director of WHOI’s Marine Mammal Center. His research encompasses the physiology and pathology of whales and other marine mammals. He studies the effects of trauma from ship strikes and fishing gear entanglements on the survival and welfare of North Atlantic right whales, and he is currently working with fishers, regulators, and others to reduce threats to these vulnerable giants of the sea.