Tangled up in gear

There are approximately 2,500
encounters between lobster
gear and right whales a year.
How many lead to entanglements?
A WHOI researcher proposes to
build a model to esimate this
dangerous issue.

Finding endangered baleen whales

With research and cutting-edge
engineering funded by
WHOI’s Marine Mammal Center,
a new project will monitor the
location and number of these
elusive whales.

A New Partnership

The Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium grew out of a series of workshops that included scientists, resource managers, and recreational fishermen to address issues and concerns related to increasing seal populations along the New England coast.

Marine mammals meet modern medicine

Whales do not make the easiest patients, but our state-of-the-art facilities—CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound, hyperbaric chambers, and other medical tools—are making it easier to learn about them.

using our facilities


MMC helps to maintain specialized facilities at WHOI that provide our researchers and collaborators with the tools and platforms they need to conduct rigorous research. MORE...

graduate fellowships

graduate fellowships

The WHOI MMC and Duke University have a fellowship program for graduate students studying marine mammal science at either institutionfor periods of 3-6 months. MORE...

conservation research

conservation research

The MMC integrates diverse approaches and methods to understanding marine mammals and the ways humans influence their health, populations and ecosystems. MORE...


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